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Terra overwhelmed the village MMORPG the world over the years as a proud representative of the village Korean games. However, on the day of its release, Terra received a lot of praise from the music industry, creating momentum to build a strong community around the world. Now, after many years of roaming, Terra gradually turns its eyes to the Mobile platform with the ambition to monopolize this very fertile land. However, not as expected, the Mobile version Terra USA has lost some of the necessary fire of the original version, lacking the mainstream gameplay that Terra fans have been familiar with for so long. It is this that has made Terra M unappreciated and unable to reach the highest “level”.

But now the story is different Terra Classic – The most complete and complete rendition of Terra PC, was officially revealed. Possessing a standard MMORPG gameplay style and the most powerful graphics on mobile, Terra Classic deserves to be one of the forces of 2019.


As mentioned, Terra Classic is a complete MMORPG when it allows gamers to go wherever they want and do whatever they want, whether it’s launching themselves on horseback in the middle of a vast field or describing the surroundings. conflict between rows of monsters. The game gives you a choice between 4 main classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer and Mage, with the Skill system unlocked almost completely. This allows the character to reveal their strength from the beginning, unlike other MMORPGs where players have to wait to level up to see their potential.


Along with that, the Skill system also allows players to turn into demons, pushing their power to the extreme to confront the terrorist super bosses spread throughout Terra Classic. Rest assured that you will need this skill because the bosses in the game are extremely tough with moves that are ready to knock you down on the battlefield if you don’t pay attention to the health bar. This will certainly create a challenge and urge more or less for gamers.


It would be remiss not to discuss the graphical power of Terra Classic when we can consider this as one of the Mobile Games with the most terrible graphics today. Pushing the settings to the highest level, you can easily admire every detail on the armor and weapons, freely watching the vast plains or the towering stone fortresses under the sun. Therefore, if you miss Terra Classic, you will miss a great visual experience today on Mobile.


With so many strengths of a super MMORPG, Terra Classic becomes a Mobile Game that you can’t help but download right now. Therefore, what are you waiting for without downloading this game for free on Android here:

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Note: Readers need to perform the initial Kakao account creation step to be able to play. Fortunately, this account creation step is quite simple when you just need to fill in the Email and then enter the confirmation code sent to the Email only. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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