How cool will the “boss” be when transforming into Manga and Superhero characters?

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Pets are gradually becoming a hobby of many modern young people. They raise and care for them like children, from eating, sleeping, cuddling, caressing and even beautifying. It is because of such pampering that many people call pets with a powerful word, which is “boss”, and its owner is actually just a servant “lotus”.

In the past, we have also seen many excellent “transformation” phases of the “boss” through the hands of “sen’s” stylist. In addition to cute and lovely costumes, many owners also let their pets transform into superheroes, manga characters such as pirates, or monsters… funny.

As recently, netizens are passing on a photo album of extremely “cool” heroic bosses that makes many people excited. Adorable dogs and cats are suddenly “on the air” in a completely new role as familiar characters in comic books. More specifically, this make-up stage does not require sophisticated costumes or other items, but simply a cardboard with pictures of the characters sketched on it, then illustrating. Bosses can go through the cover right at the top of the characters.​


It is known that the owner of this work is her friend Ngoc Trang. With her inherent drawing skills, she has “transformed” the bosses in the house into famous manga characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Inuyasha or some characters in the comic series “Dragon Ball”… The bosses also combine extremely well with different facial expressions when dressing up as each character.

Let’s see how cool the “boss” will be when transforming into manga characters through the “muddy” photos below!

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