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These Hitman, Metal Gear Solid or Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell are typical examples of the stealth action genre.. where players must act extremely carefully and avoid direct confrontation with the enemy. The slow but full of tension and suspense of this genre always brings an indescribable pressure to the player.

However with Sneak Ops – The rookie has just launched on Mobile, the stealth action here doesn’t have to be slow… no need to sneak step by step to make it work. Instead, the game pushes the player into the action that pops up in front of the enemy’s eyes, disappearing into the night before they can understand what just happened.


Sneak Ops game trailer.

Sneak Ops there will throw gamers into levels with extremely complex textures with laser traps and enemies patrolling everywhere. Every corner, every street will become the door of death if you keep walking around as if there are no people. However, it is difficult because Sneak Ops offers an extremely responsive and simple control mechanism, allowing players to only have to press and release with a single finger on the screen to control and attack the character. . Click on the enemy when they turn away, you will automatically perform a fatal chopping phase… or press on the side of the tables and chairs, the character will automatically lower the center of gravity to hide from the enemy.


However, not every type of enemy you can defeat from behind when some special types will require you to pass in peace. Not only that, some game screens are also sensitive to sound, making every step of the gamer easily shake the enemy. Therefore, in these cases the game will require you to react quickly, letting the character escape the trap in a split second before being surrounded on all four sides.


Sneak Ops is an extremely playful and fun game, revolving around a unique style of stealth action genre. That’s why you can’t ignore this game and download Sneak Ops for free here:

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