Declare those who donate to female streamers are just lowly, Pewdiepie makes the community controversial

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Come back Youtube After a while of rest, the hotness of Pewdiepie undiminished while still attracting millions of followers to his channel thanks to his charming humor. In early 2020. Despite being one of the most influential names on the Internet, many times this streamer made shocking statements about quite sensitive issues that made many people protest. Typically in the session live stream Recently, Pewdiepie has mercilessly ridiculed those who have donated money to female streamers, claiming that they are just lowly people. This statement then caused a wave of heated controversy online.

During the broadcast, Pewdiepie mentioned the term “simp”, referring to Twitch viewers who regularly donate to e-girls, specifically female streamers. According to the Swedish streamer, these are the “lowest of the lowly”: “Imagine donating money to e-girls, pathetic! It makes me feel angry.”

To prove his argument, Pewdiepie mentioned two famous female streamers BadBunny and Pokimane as typical examples. He expressed displeasure when in January, BadBunny criticized the audience when the donation amount was not what she wanted: “Remember a few months ago, this girl complained about not receiving the donation. $5. She knows what she’s doing and she’s confronting her supporters.” In response to “they disrespect me as a BadBunny creator,” Pewdiepie said: “Of course they don’t respect you, why should they? “

Not stopping there, the male streamer also continued to condemn the clip where the Twitch star Pokimane was dancing and received a $500 donation from a viewer named Russell: “Russell! Why did you do that? Why do you put yourself down like that? Don’t ever do this again!”


Maybe Pewdiepie is not really serious about this, but his controversial statement has now become a hot topic on Twitch. Most of them disagree with the male streamer’s opinion, but this is probably not a big deal because Pewdiepie has always been famous for being a person who is not afraid to mention sensitive issues and this time. as well.​

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