The terrible Batman series is about to have a new “afternoon”?

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“Batman: Arkham Knight” is an action adventure game that was released in 2015. From then on, the developer Rocksteady Studios has not announced any new game projects. However, according to the latest news from foreign media, the studio’s next game is expected to be officially announced in early 2019.


The news comes from a journalist with close ties to industry insiders in the gaming industry. Accordingly, if the development progress of Rocksteady goes smoothly, this new game will be announced in 2019 as early as the first quarter. Rocksteady Studios has cemented its position as one of the best game development studios in the gaming industry with the Batman: Arkham series.

Also, rumors of a new “crafting” of Rocksteady Studios have been circulating for a while now and people are also talking about Rocksteady Studios making a Superman game, but as of now there is no conclusive proof. What is the argument to prove this rumor to be true.​

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