Sword Ghost 3D and the story always “keep the fire” for the player community

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Talk about Sword Ghost 3D Mobile players can see that this is an explosive role-playing game after more than half a year of launch. Up to now, the product is still proving itself to be an impregnable card in the topic of Swordsmanship in the Otherworld when possessing many remarkable achievements.


Not only beautiful in graphics, smooth in experience, the gameplay of Sword Ma 3D is also very diverse in PvE, PvP and PK features for players to unleash farming monsters, hunting bosses or killing each other.


However, that is only part of it! It is important that Sword Ghost 3D Funtap continuously organizes events and tournaments both inside and outside the game so that individuals or groups can participate in receiving gifts.


It can be seen from the good game interior and the main events are the key to keeping the fire and connecting players in Sword Ghost community 3D. NPH Funtap has done a lot of activities to connect players, for example, Clip Itaewon Class Parody caught the trend following the movie of the same name, the clip gained a lot of views as well as a lot of compliments from viewers.


Even the 3D Sword Ghost game is also rated as a national MMORPG title when it owns a Boss hunting system that produces excellent items, on par with VIP items. Accompanied by a feature of free trade, one-to-one, direct trading creates favorable conditions for farmers to make a profit. But what stands out above all is the 1vsN PK account, the infinite PK arena, the unique killer item that is always updated and refreshed continuously.​

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