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While Korea always has super graphics that make gamers overwhelmed, Japan surprises players with unique gameplay styles. Breakers: Dawn of Heroes can be considered as the closest example of this image when offering a combat system that has never been seen before on Mobile.


Without the Auto mode or the hashing screens to grab the buttons throughout the length of the match, Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a game for fast-paced gamers with the ability to memorize fighting techniques. That’s why Breakers is like a true action-focused PC game, not a mobile game that’s so popular today.


Why say combat system of Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is unique? Simply because the game makes full use of the player’s inspiration and movements to activate the moves in the game. There you will have to control the character by swiping your finger back and forth on the screen and performing the corresponding moves to activate the attack. For example, using 2 fingers to sweep horizontally will make the character rush forward and launch combos at the enemy. While 2 vertical sweeps will send the character to the air and punch the target.

Not only that, you can also combine the attack mechanism with the jump movement by pressing 2 fingers on the screen but at a distance from each other and then continuing to press 2 fingers again but in the same place. . This move allows the character to jump into the air and plunge to the ground like a fire arrow, thereby knocking down any target on the ground.


Along with that, the members of the squad will also wait for the player’s command, ready to jump on the battlefield and launch skills to apply to the enemy. With such a complex and deep combat mechanism, the difficulty of the game is also quite high compared to the common ground on Mobile. But it is also because of this factor that players feel a real challenge and then get caught up in the game at any time.

The storm has been long and this should be the time for you to download the super unique game Breakers: Dawn of Heroes on Mobile for free directly here:

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