Monster Boost is suddenly popular after the release date of this game

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One gamer admitted, after about 20 hours of playing Death Strandinghe bought cans Monster Life’s first Energy. It looks like the gamer isn’t the only one caught up in the game’s energy drink hype, as Monster stock spiked on November 8th – the same day Death Stranding released on PlayStation 4.

Monster stock peaked at 58.16 on Friday, around the same time that Death Stranding launched, according to the note above. Subreddit of the game title. That was the highest share price in more than a month. Is that a coincidence? In Death Stranding, every detail is strung together, so the above phenomenon can carry a certain connection.


There are many Monsters in Death Stranding. Every time the main character, Sam Bridges Entering the safe base, the player will find five cans of Monster on a nearby table. Sam can drink three cans of Monster to get more stamina, and to watch the scene Norman Reedus almost fell over while drinking a soft drink can.

Not only that, you are also equipped with a canteen that automatically converts water into Monster. Death Stranding is set in a world where people replace regular drinking water with energy drinks. If Monster stock continues to rise, similar circumstances may soon emerge in the real world.

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