Dota 2: Top carry strongest patch 7.28

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When 7.28 and subsequent patches came out in Dota, a lot of ‘uber’ carry heroes left the meta. Heroes like Sven, Faceless Void, Specter, and Lifestealer were nerfed, paving the way for more powerful carries to enter the meta. Perhaps, more important than nerf updates is the speed the game is pushed up. Many ‘cheese’ heroes excel (cheese heroes are extremely effective if the opponent is unprepared, but are easily countered by a certain hero or two), while Necronomicon and Helm of Dominator is buffed back. This means the carry must be able to join the fight early and go independently around the map to create mutations.


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It’s quite funny that Riki is a strong carry hero because Necronomicon and his True Sight ability are popular. However, Riki is the answer to the extremely high pick rate of Spirit heroes in the mid lane, as well as nimble targets like Puck, Keeper of the Light and Mirana. Riki has always had great base stats, making her laning phase quite good, especially with the arrival of the new Orb of Corrosion item. With the ability to hunt for position 5 support, Riki can snowball to get to Battlefury quickly and many other items. Riki is clearly struggling against Beastmaster and Lycan, but we can ban them during the draft.


Although the ultimate makes you lose control of Troll, this hero is still in the top list of strongest carry 7.28. Troll is one of those anti-strat carries that can 1v1 with any carry in the game as well as deal well with most offlane heroes. Although the current meta has many effective counters to trolls, the new green stick has fixed nearly every problem this hero has ever had.

Troll is strong laner, puts pressure on turrets, counters many heroes and is quite strong against agile heroes like Morphling and Spirits. It seems most carries have enough time to farm so Battlefury or whatever Troll needs will take care of his poor farming problem.


Monkey King - Emergenceingame

Speaking of strong carry in the laning phase and also able to fight early, Monkey King is a name not to be missed. After being over-nerfed, Monkey King received massive buffs for his base armor and early game power. Monkey King is always the ‘Great Saint’ in the mid and late game, which can create nightmares for opponents in the laning phase. With a stronger potential early game, Monkey King can make the enemy offlane nearly helpless in 7.28.

With the green stick rush growing in popularity, Monkey King will gain both stats and damage to unleash his mid-game power. Combined with his agility, teamfight and later strong ability as well as Roshan, the flexible Monkey King is used a lot in the current patch.


This hero almost does not disappear. If you are a Morphling player, please continue to play Morphling carry, because this hero is still very strong. With its ultimate and extremely high survivability, Morphling is a tough card for most teams. Spirit Vessel isn’t as strong as it used to be, and while the game has had a lot more confrontations with this hero in the past, Morphling still has huge damage potential.

After reaching the first few levels, Morphling is nearly impossible to kill in the laning phase and also does not need the support of teammates to take care of. If there are reasonable heroes to Morph, Morphling can 1v5 teamfight with both hand attack and burst magic damage potential. Not to mention, Ethereal Blade is one of the items that counters many popular carries today.


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Terrorblade is probably the traditional hard carry still around in 7.28. Strong anti-carry and mid laning phase, what Terrorblade really needs is a little more time to win the game. This can be a problem before some squads but gamers now know how to promote Metamorphosis well to help them overwhelm the lane. In addition, Terrorblade often has to rely on his illusions to farm safely throughout the map as well as reach peak power and carry the whole game.

One of the biggest changes that really makes TB dangerous is the green stick that adds a second Metamorphosis. While the second Metamorphosis lasts only a short time, the amount of damage plus the ability to cause fear is enough to help TB win most fights without resorting to full Metamorphosis. The extra stat makes the green stick a reliable item for Terrorbalde as well as increasing the power value of Metamorphosis.


Every time IceFrog buffs Necronomicon and Helm of Dominator, people understand for themselves that the wolf army will appear. Despite being nerfed in 7.28, Lycan continues to be one of the most ‘cheese’ heroes in the game. If the opponent doesn’t have the ability to clear the creep wave, Lycan can create a lot of pressure in lane push. This hero is an extremely popular pick/ban in the professional arena. In pubs, picking Lycan is almost ‘free win’ if you can read the draft.

There is no other name in the game that can finish the game as quickly as Lycan. In the current meta and game economy, Lycan often ramps up farm speed to the point where there’s no way to counter it.


The One True King Wraith King Arcana Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

The king is backā€¦ again. Wraith King is probably one of the more well-buffed heroes in 7.28. At first, it looked like the rework would bring problems for WK, but thanks to his reliable crit ability, the hero’s laning phase has become much stronger. In addition, Wraith King can both increase lifesteal as well as farm potential thanks to the Vampiric Spirit rework. The Phase Boots era and Radiance are back, making Wraith King a powerful carry mid-game, or the hero can be built to fight stronger with Armlet of Mordiggian and Desolator. The addition of Reincarnation that doesn’t cost mana at 20 minutes also helps this hero a lot.

The most important thing we can draw this time is that a hero with a simple skill build but with a variety of builds will definitely be stronger.

7.28 and subsequent patches rocked the meta quite a bit. Hard carry or carry specializes in real combat depending on the formation and tempo of the match. If you have missed any hot names, please comment to share!

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