Dota 2: Top 7.29 strongest offlane heroes today

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What is the strongest 7.29 offlane top in Dota 2 today?

When the Necronomicon was removed from the game, IceFrog wanted to completely rework the offlane meta. Before 7.29, there was no better choice than the hero Beastmaster on the Necro book. During 7.28, we saw some interesting trends in range offlane, like Viper, Outworld Devourer as well as traditional teamfight heroes like Tidehunter. But in general, players often prefer to choose Beastmaster.

However, after Beastmaster switched to mid lane, the offlane area opened up more directions for more traditional heroes. Mid lane can now be more independent, which makes position 4 able to support more stable offlane than before. Since then, the hero tank group is back with the heroes that initiate the fight. The change in this 7.29 meta is partly influenced by the more ‘stiff’ laning phase. It allows aggressive heroes like Centaur, Slardar and Ax to itemize at the right time. In addition, the other reason is because some team fight items are buffed up.

Here are the top strongest offlane heroes of the current 7.29 meta.



Centaur seems to be the most sought after offlane hero patch 7.29. This beefy hero is pretty good in theory, but still needs a little support from support to be more effective. Centaur has been buffed continuously since 7.27 plus one more in 7.29. At the moment, the hero’s ability to lane, team fight and initiate teamfights have all reached a very strong threshold.


Doom 2 - Emergenceingame

To be honest, Doom is still the most reliable hero ever. The ability to manually generate gold and wipe out an enemy hero in team fights has always been considered a strong Dota mechanic. However, in the 7.29 offlane meta, Doom was also significantly reworked in the early game mechanics. Armor, rotation speed and attack time are buffed up to make Doom at level 1 and 2 more violent than other offlanes. In addition, the damage to Doom’s skill set has also been increased. Therefore, Doom continues to be a great anti-carry pick and is expected to be even more popular in 7.29.


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Continuing the aggressive hero trend, Slardar quickly entered the 7.29 offlane meta. This is a counter to popular carries like Lifestealer and Juggernaut. Slardar’s position in the offlane continues to strengthen as long as the hero has a support support in the lane.


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Left over from the remnants of the 7.28 meta, some offlane heroes like Tidehunter and Mars are still heavily used in 7.29. Area control spells continue to add value to combat around Roshan.


Dark Seer can be considered the ultimate offlane hero. Teammate buff, team aura, destructive teamfight power, Dark Seer has almost no skills to carry the team on his own. However, making up for that shortcoming is the ability to create huge gaps for the team. If you let Dark Seer get to a few levels quickly, the DS will take full control of the mid-game. His ability to apply constant lane pressure, teamfight ability, and potential ‘take the enemy against the enemy’ makes Dark Seer a perfect fit for the offlane position. Dark Seer’s constant buffs, plus the presence of Aghanim’s Shard, helped bring the hero back into the meta.


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Sand King is quite similar to Dark seer in the area of ​​not being able to carry the game on his own. With support from support, Sand King can overwhelm the lane and then gradually switch to the opening style of team fight. IceFrog gradually buffs Sand King’s damage over time. The change in Epicenter’s cast animation is also one of the buffs that make the hero significantly stronger. Crixalis is seen as a team fight tool that the hero can rely on to gain tempo, as well as handle the opponent’s greedy drafts.

SOME OTHER OFFLANE 7.29 Famous Names


Dawnbreaker Dota 2 wallpaper - Emergenceingame

If we talk about offlane 7.29, we cannot ignore Dawnbreaker. This is considered the most played hero in pub MMR 7000+ and is also one of the strongest heroes in Dota. All of Dawnbreaker’s stats and damage early game are too high, plus the ability to team fight all over the map with aura. The article must say Dawnbreeaker is a bit buggy. The author doesn’t have much to comment on this hero except that you should pick Dawnbreaker before the hero gets nerfed in the next patch.


Cùng hiểu rõ về sự thay đổi của Broodmother - Emergenceingame

Pro players like IceIceIce and Monkeys Forever are successfully spamming Broodmother in pubs. It’s not too hard to see why. Brood just lost the ability to build Spiderlings until level 6. Making up for this ‘nerf’, the hero can now stay in the endless lane with healing from Web and Insatiable Hunger. Remember, Insatiable Hunger used to be Brood’s ultimate and now we can activate this ‘Satanic’ at any level. IceFrog also thinks that Broodmother was previously too dependent on items like the Diffusal Blade to capture prey, so the developer is now giving the ability to slow down to the spider army.

So who is your strongest offlane hero in this 7.29 meta? Please comment at the end of the post!

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