Dota 2: Heroes benefiting the most from patch 7.29

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When talking about the heroes that benefited the most from patch 7.29, there is one important point that the article wants to make clear first. The heroes that benefit the most in this article are not necessarily the strongest heroes today. There are many heroes that increase their win rate by 5%, but that doesn’t necessarily help them stay in the stable meta for long. Most of the heroes in today’s article will belong to that group. These are the heroes that have the highest win rate as well as a little above average and are worth a try for players.


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Faceless Void increases win rate by 5% and is only slightly above 50%. In the article about the most disadvantaged heroes update 7.29, the author mentioned that greedy heroes are now better suited to the meta. Faceless Void is definitely among the super late carries of the game. Since most ranged heroes are now meta, Faceless Void is a great counter to ranged heroes that don’t have high mobility.

However, apart from Chronosphere, this hero still doesn’t have much of an impact. Void damage is limited early game. Although Time Dilation has been changed, without teammates to support you, you will probably lose control of most of the map in the early game.

Basically, don’t pick greedy if you see Faceless Void already in the squad and make sure the supports in the team can deal high damage. Similarly, think twice before picking Faceless Void if the team already has other greedy heroes or supports that don’t deal much damage. Deploying Faceless Void effectively in such situations is extremely difficult.


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Typical carry range of the game. After many buffs, Drow Ranger now has a win rate of around 53% of games, making this hero a stable pick of the meta. However, heroes still have many limitations: paper health and needing a strong hero to go first. But if you know how to choose a reasonable standing position and control it well, the amount of DPS of the Drow Ranger is unmatched.

Drow Ranger has been on Aghanim’s Shard a lot lately: Stack Hypothermia can be an effective farming tool, as well as increase AoE DPS in teamfight. Drow to the Shard as soon as possible is gradually becoming more popular.

Other than the above, this hero hasn’t changed much. You want to be the hero standing in the back, increasing mobility a bit to widen the distance from the enemy in case of approach and ultimately increase the damage. This gameplay is generally easier to implement than before.


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Dazzle is back on the list of heroes that benefit the most 7.29. Playing in position 5 support and position 3 offlane, Dazzle now wins 53% of the games that appear. Hero’s success is not shown at the highest rank, because high ranked gamers know which hero to prioritize. But if you are from Ancient rank or below, Dazzle is very powerful.

The author has mentioned it before and still stands: Dazzle is back thanks to Shard. Despite its short duration, this AoE CC (crowd control) still makes a big difference in teamfight. Not to mention the ability to erase hero illusions, Dazzle both protects teammates and deals massive damage in the mid-game even if you’re playing in position 5.

It is not clear at this time that Dazzle offlane or position 5 will be the default gameplay in the near future. For now, it seems that pro players favor Dazzle offlane, while pubs prefer position 5. However, the gameplay between these two roles is not really that different.


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This is an unexpected name in the list of heroes that benefit the most from this 7.29 update. Necrophos received many small buffs, but it felt like they weren’t enough to increase the hero’s win rate by 3.5%. Perhaps the problem is that super strong targets, like Medusa, Specter and Centaur, have returned to the meta and this helps Necrophos shine.

Necrophos’ remake Shard didn’t make a breakthrough either. In theory, it’s pretty handy. It can be used to save you or increase damage to Scythe. But in reality, it’s usually not worth it, except in certain cases.

In general, Necrophos is very versatile right now and can be the main reason for the hero to win a lot, especially at high ranks. Mid has Radiance build, offlane has Greaves, utility core has Halberd and more. Necrophos seems to be able to work well against any formation by adjusting the item up for himself.


This article has just reviewed the four heroes that benefited the most from the patch. From there, we have envisioned the current meta of the game. First, core ranges are more common. It also means that the best cores of the range are back in the game as well. Second, heals and saves now work better, making the game usually longer, and the hero taking longer to kill.

Finally, comebacks are happening more and more often. Faceless Void, Medusa, and Specter are ranked 3rd, 7th and 8th in the list of heroes that benefit the most from the patch, but do not have any significant buffs. Perhaps, we need more time for the community to get used to all the changes included in 7.29. For now, the article advises you to play more carefully, especially when you have a significant lead in the game.

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