Dota 2 TI10 moved to October, so what do we do now?

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With TI10 moved to October, what will we do in the next 3 months?

A few weeks ago, Valve announced a TI10 problem in Sweden. That is probably the longest period of time for the community as well as the teams when they have to wait and see the outcome of the most prestigious tournament Dota 2. Many people then feared that the tournament would be postponed, or worse, canceled altogether.

When the developer announced the new location in Romania, everyone was relieved that TI10 would take place. But then the next questions appeared.

So, with TI10 delayed, what will teams, viewers and Dota 2 in general do in the next 3 months?

Events before TI

TI is 3 months away, most teams won’t bootcamp from now on. That means their schedule is quite empty. We will probably have online tournaments taking place in many regions. Tournament organizers like BTS and ESL have all the equipment to create online tournaments during this time, giving fans more time to relax while waiting for TI10.

New Teams Formed

Usually, the teams that do not win the right to attend TI will think about disbanding to create a new lineup. Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams often wait until after TI before officially deciding, because they wait to see who will become a free agent, or hope to be invited by another team.

With a lot of free time between now and post-TI10, these players are sure to find something to do. Hopefully, online tournaments will create a new playground for them.

EternaLEnVy trách Valve vì sự thiếu giao tiếp trong vụ Ohaiyo - Emergenceingame

Patch and new tactics before TI

Global players from casual to professional are still waiting for the new patch to be released. When it didn’t happen after AniMajor, then ESL, many were waiting for IceFrog to launch 7.30 after TI qualifiers.

So when will 7.30 be released? If released early, it will give teams enough time to play and prepare for TI, but it could also make them shy away from competing in the regular leagues before TI.

DPC Season 2021-2022

Because The International 10 has been pushed to October, the next DPC season will not start, at least a month after TI, which means the new season will fall in mid-November or early December.

Season rescheduling is inevitable, but does that mean we’ll only have two major majors again this year? A lot of complaints about the DPC 2021 system are that the two Majors don’t have enough data, as well as for fans to follow. The reason there are only two Majors is because of the translation, but if it happens again in the new season it will be very difficult to accept.

So can Valve try to apply three Majors? Chances are we’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of competition, but it will keep everyone busy throughout the year.

Another option is that Valve can adjust the time of The International. Applying October from now on will help DPC Season 2021-2022 last for the whole year. It should be able to solve most complaints from the last delay.

Although there are still many unanswered questions, one thing is for sure: The International of Dota 2 is back.

The International 10

TI10 is scheduled to happen in October with the group stage taking place from October 7 to 10, the playoffs from October 12, and the final on October 17.

The tournament will be held at the National Arena in Bucharest, Romania – the largest stadium in the Romanian capital, with a capacity of 55,000 seats. Valve’s official announcement also hinted at the possibility of TI10 being open to the audience, but specific information as well as how tickets are sold has not been officially released.

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