CSGO: Smooya rage quit in the middle of the game, the team still won as usual

Smooya CSGO - Emergenceingame

During the tense match between Nordavind and Movistar Riders, CSGO player smooya had a ‘rage quit’ action that was not nice at all.

The two teams faced each other in the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 qualifying draw. Nordavind played stronger in map 3 Mirage and did not let Movistar Riders find a foothold. Movistar Riders struggled for the second half while Nordavind reached the match point.

The game seemed to have ended in round 25, but Movistar Riders’ mopoz saved his team’s life with an unbelievable 1vs3 clutch. However, his clever handling was not the focus of the match. Owen “smooya” Butterfield rage quit in the middle of the round, thinking Nordavind was sure to win.

The 21-year-old player was killed when he hit B. This AWPer quickly lost connection from the server, believing his teammates didn’t have a successful clutch. After mopoz made an unlikely clutch, smooya was forced to reconnect and help Movistar Riders reach overtime, winning 2-1 on aggregate 19-16.

smooya rage quit even though Movistar Riders won

Smooya reconnected to the server when mopoz saved the team’s life but his behavior was quickly condemned by fans. Some CSGO players find it quite humorous, but you can understand why he did it. Smooya then said computer crashesbut that was a lie since he had a chat “ggwp” on all-chat before leaving.

However, mopoz still defended smooya and said his teammates were not angry with him. Smooya later admitted to rage quit after the video was leaked and spoke out about the issue on a long Twitlonger post. Despite his remorse, he also questioned why people were criticizing him.

“Please understand that I am working very hard in everything to become a better person as well as a professional. That’s all I can do and I will continue to do it while trying not to make the same mistake again. Of course, I can’t avoid making the wrong decisions in situations, but sometimes, I feel my actions are judged more harshly than because of my past,” smooya shared.

While the Movistar Riders defeated Nordavind in the tense series, the team was unable to take advantage of that morale. The boys lost to Cloud9 so they won’t be able to attend DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. The question now is whether mopoz’s efforts to protect smooya are sincere or are they still upset by the rage quit behavior of the human player. This guy.

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