League of Legends will have Iron Doan rank, lower than Dong Doan

The ranking sequence (first 10 matches) will be clearer

We’ve received a lot of feedback about how the Ranked Chain can be a bit unfair and cause for concern. You don’t know anything about it, and even if you’ve won almost every game, the tier you’re in can be pretty disappointing sometimes. We wanted the rating to be more transparent and playable so we made some major tweaks to how it works.

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First, you will get a temporary rank right after your first match. During this ranking, only you will be able to see your rank. When you win, you will receive a huge amount of points, and you will be skipped the promotion series. And if you lose unfortunately, you will not lose any group points at all. Once these matches are over, you’ll receive an official ranking and can now show it off to your friends. Try to climb higher!

New Rank: Iron Doan & Grand Master

Now that the ranking is done, let’s talk a little bit about climbing. We get a lot of feedback: you feel like you’re playing better, but the tier is still standing! We took a closer look at the ranks and ranks, and discovered that some players are actually better.

Don’t think low rank doesn’t have monsters with millions of mastery points…

For example, with a Dong Doan player, they might play a bit better, but still not enough to climb out of their squad. As for Diamond and higher, the matches will be completely different, from the top to the bottom of a ranking tier. In those places, the individual level is always too disparate.

On the other hand, in Golden Troupe, even a small change in skill can push you up and down several squads quickly. It’s like a ladder: in some places the steps are too far apart in others and it’s much harder to climb them. So we want to find an average range where your progress is accurately reflected.

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There are even places where it is your teammates who decide if you can level up or not…

We plan to add two more tiers:

  • The first tier is Iron Doan, under Dong Doan. Iron Corps gives those players a chance to get better recognition if they make progress while playing.
  • The second tier would be Great Master, between Master and Challenger. Grandmaster will give us an opportunity to long-term adjust the top tiers and differentiate players more easily based on their level.

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You’ll also be worried that your climb will become more difficult because we’ve just added two new tiers. That’s why we’re reducing it to just four groups per tier, instead of five. That’s right, it also means that next season, there won’t be any Bronze 5 players in League of Legends.

Image upgrade for rating mode

Visually, we haven’t cared about ratings for quite some time. Right now, they look like a bunch of shiny metal, but don’t feel like they’re associated with Runeterra or your experience with Ranked.

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The new ranked visuals will be inspired by Runeterra’s lands, materials and designs. It will also reflect your achievements. We want the ranked experience to feel like you’re going from a lowly soldier in Iron and Bronze, to becoming a champion in Platinum and eventually feeling like a battle of the gods in the high ranks. best. We’re still in the concept phase, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this new approach!

We’re excited to bring you these changes, and more, in the Preseason. And as always, we need your feedback! Leave comments and questions and we’ll try to answer as many as we can over the coming weeks. See you on Summoner Rift!

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