Dota 2: Heroes that need to be nerfed in 7.29

terrorblade - Emergenceingame

Chances are we won’t have an update before The International qualifiers. The need for a new update is not because the meta is failing, but because some of the current heroes are too strong and too popular. Today’s article will highlight such heroes and what changes can bring them back to the ground.


terrorblade - Emergenceingame

Terrorblade is among the heroes with the most problems in update 7.29. The “healing meta” works best when the hero being “healed” is one of the most armored heroes in the game. Each HP gained will make Terrorblade much stronger. At the end of the game, TB can resist up to 75% of physical damage.

Not to mention, the amount of damage the hero deals is also great, and the farm speed is needless to say, but these two things have existed for a long time. The biggest change does not come from patch note 7.29, but from the way the game is going, which requires the carry to be more independent.

Discovered recently, Terrorblade’s green stick is a game-changing item. The fact that TB has more teamfight ability is really welcome, but a hero that is so good at so many things is not recommended in Dota 2.

Currently, Terrorblade has the second highest Agility growth in the game. This means that the higher the level, the higher the TB will have a significantly higher DPS. That power, plus the ranged ability when transforming, makes TB an extremely powerful carry, and also a backup ultimate.

Terrorblade does not have to sacrifice anything in the current patch. Hero can keep the amount of DPS he deals even when going to tank, “utility” with green stick and BKB. While not great, reducing Agility growth can be a good way to balance heroes. Everything is fine when Terrorblade sometimes plays like Tidehunter, but it won’t really work when the hero can be both Tidehunter and Terrorblade at the same time.


Puck Dota 2

Puck is constantly being nerfed, but pro players still pick this hero and reap a lot of success. We have to accept this fact: Dream Coil piercing spell-immunity is actually quite buggy.

Dream Coil is the strongest “retention” move in the game. At the highest level, it can stop the opponent from running away for 12 seconds. As long as you can deal damage during that time the Dream Coil will come in handy. And with the meta with sweeping heroes like Terrorblade, the damage in the team is not lacking at all.

Puck is extremely strong when the team is leading, but also not weak when the opponent is gaining the advantage. His mobility and agility make Puck the ideal hero to buy game time, giving the carry on the team more time to farm.

Finally, the hero deals quite a lot of damage even in the late game. Talent allows Puck to threaten supports throughout the match, while Puck can deal physical damage and nuke magic damage. The article believes that what is causing Puck to fail now – similar to Terrorblade – is that the hero can do too many things at once. Maybe Puck’s ability to hit hands or burst magic damage should be nerfed a bit.


Instructions for playing Goblin

It seems that Timber is only popular when there are so many Strength heroes in the meta and this view is mostly true. The problem is, Timber is too powerful now.

The idea that Timber is only strong against core Strength is wrong. Timber is strong against even physical damage, regardless of whether the hero is Strength or Agility. Hero can survive for a long time thanks to extremely high armor. And Timbersaw cannot be ignored thanks to its high damage and Whirling Death.

Whirling Death is a core Strength killing skill and one of the most frustrating skills to face in lane. Even the Agility core shouldn’t underestimate this skill. For example, late game Terrorblade can lose around 30 Agility from just one Whirling Death stack. It equates to 30 Attack Speed ​​(attack speed), 30 damage, and about 5 armor. This is a pretty big loss for TB. Not only does it make Terrorblade less dangerous, but it also makes the hero weaker against physical damage. The other Agility cores, while losing less, will still be affected somewhat by Whirling Death.

Timbersaw can be a very strong anti-Strength hero, but it’s ok to stop here, only Timber is too strong in lane right now. The article believes that the hero’s laning phase should be nerfed a bit. Currently the hero is very annoying to meet in the lane and there is almost no way to stop it. There’s not much risk in picking Timbersaw because he counters half of the hero pool. That alone is enough to get Timbersaw picked. In addition, the game does not really refine the ‘saw machine’.


These are the three heroes the article believes deserve to be nerfed, except for Broodmother – this hero is too buggy to need further analysis. So do you agree with this list or are there other heroes that are really more buggy that haven’t been mentioned yet? Please share your comments in the comment section below the post.

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