Dota 2: Heroes benefiting the most from patch 7.30

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Who are the heroes benefiting the most from patch 7.30?

Patch 7.30 of Dota 2 has not really created much volatility. However, with many changes to most heroes as well as some items, the meta of the game is also somewhat affected.

For example, Luna is no longer the top carry like it was in 7.29. Part of that is due to the hero getting nerfed, while other new heroes that are better popular than Luna keep popping up. Luna is basically weaker in this patch but not really as weak as the original 7.30 data suggests. Below is a list of the heroes that benefited the most from patch 7.30.


Farm stacks have long been important in Dota. In recent years, it has become one of the essentials of core heroes. Patch 7.29 saw Luna, carry Ax, and Medusa dominate many games thanks to this mechanic. After buffs and nerfs, it looks like Sven will take on the new super fast carry farm role. We talked about Sven’s latent power in a recent post and it seems like the hero is benefiting a lot from this meta change. Very few heroes can go online faster than Sven – this is a trait that makes Sven strong against push formations that are prominent in the early 7.30 meta. Sven is also one of the heroes with a huge amount of physical damage, which helps to combine well with the Lycan, Chen and Beasmaster lineup. High-ranked Sven MMR applies fast-paced gameplay, being able to get to BKB to destroy towers and Roshan before the game turns 20 minutes.


Few mechanics in Dota are stronger than Purge. Since the number of Purges in the game is very limited, 7.30 is a reasonable time for Omniknight to shine. Omniknight fits into the current meta, allowing the hero to help the carry farm comfortably without much pressure. Patch 7.29 saw Legion Commander offlane rise to prominence with dispel and healing potential. 7.30 gamers can take advantage of the same value from hard support Omniknight. Heavenly Grace works very well with Strength carries like Sven and Guardian Angel as the most effective defensive ultimate against physical damage from Lycan, Templar Assassin, Terrorblade, as well as almost every other popular carry.


No matter how angry Pangolier fans are, 7.30 really makes the hero stronger. Instead of relying almost entirely on Swashbuckle (to proc slow from Lucky Shot), Pangolier can now level up both damaging moves. By bringing the slow from Lucky Shot to Shield Crash, Pangolier’s skill build now encourages more comprehensive damage and better teamfight than damage from Swashbuckle alone. This means more creep wave clearing and helps Pangolier avoid Maelstrom, leaving the hero to focus on utility items or tanks. Without needing pure damage items to farm, Pangolier now has a variety of roles and can gank much earlier than before. As mentioned above, this is very important to apply with the current fast Dota push.

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Slark is not so good in 7.29. Hero looked strong against most of the popular meta heroes at the time, but the problem was that Slark was weak in general in terms of damage, farming potential, and item selection. All of these areas have been fixed in patch 7.30, helping to increase the hero’s win and pick rates dramatically. With buffs for Dark Pact, Shadow Dance, and many of Slark’s favorite items, the hero is ready to return to the meta. Although it is still difficult at the beginning of the game, the fixed laning phase will help Slark build at the right time. This will be a carry worth keeping an eye on in the near future because Slark is more suitable for snowball than farming.


Bane is probably one of the strongest but most underrated heroes in the patch. In high MMR pub this hero is always used but at other ranks this hero seems boring to play. Bane has been continuously buffed for nearly a year and must say that the hero’s skill set is extremely good. Only in patch 7.30, Bane gained Nightmare damage, Brain Sap reduced mana cost and increased cast range, while Fiend’s Grip had a shorter cast time than before. This hero is strong when it comes to laning and the ultimate has huge value, especially when the meta is favoring heroes who prefer to run around over teamfight.


The article to leave Lycan and Beastmaster in the end is because… everyone already knows about these two names. Helm of the Overlord combines Vladmir’s Offering with Helm of the Dominator for a super effective item. Anytime IceFrog creates an item that encourages Lycan or Beastmaster to buy, your tower is in great danger. As soon as the Ancient creeps are subdued, the pressure these heroes exert is enormous, even if they were slightly nerfed in 7.30b. Until Helm of the Overlord is remade or nerfed, we will see the zoo meta continue to be successful.

Dota 2 still has many heroes changing positions in patch 7.30. Since pro teams and pub gamers are still experimenting, it is possible that more heroes will be discovered and removed. So do you see a hero that is really strong but underutilized in 7.30? Please share in the comments section at the end of the post.

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