Dota 2: New hack fills the minimap and causes the game to crash

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Before that, we had an article about a type of hack that can kick you out of the game. However, things do not stop here. Over the weekend, a Redditor informed the community about a new type of hack – it will cover the minimap and cause your game to crash.

Redditor dronecloud believes he already knows how the hack works. It’s actually very easy to use, what hackers need to do is create a script that can draw very quickly on the mini-map, crashing the game. It’s like a DDoS attack:

It is a type of script where the player draws the entire minimap. “This script “automatically draws” left to right and moves each pixel in less than a fraction of a second, overloading the game/server. The game doesn’t seem to be able to handle so much “drawing data” in such a fast time and it doesn’t maintain stability in the game.

Looks like the map drawing is limited to every second. Maybe it’s limited, but this script overcame it.

This script is not too difficult. One can finish scripting in just an hour using AutoIT. So it’s not a “time consuming” thing.

Below is the full clip of the script running at the beginning of the game. If the drawing theory is correct, the Storm Spirit in this game installed that script and decided to use it early in the game:

It seems that hacking has become more and more popular over the past year and this is the second time in less than a month a new type of hack has been discovered. Valve will need to focus on stabilizing the game to protect players from these ‘worms that spoil the soup’.

Source: Reddit

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