Dota 2: How to play Sven carry 7.30 like V-Tune 10k MMR

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This is a tutorial on how to play Sven carry by xuisoko on Reddit.

Recently, I noticed that V-Tune overwhelms everyone at 9k MMR and above with Sven. Currently, he has a 75% win rate in this patch out of 16 games (12-4). In most games, he gets himself over 20 lives and dies 0 times. I watched 5 replays and summed up what you did. You can watch xuisoko’s YouTube videos:

1. Starter Item

If V-Tune is up against a physical damage lane, he will start with a Slipper of agility, Magic Stick, Tango, and Quelling blade. With the first courier, you bring a salve or 2 branches. If he plans to go to the Magic Wand, he will choose the branch, if not, it will be the salve.

In the magic damage lane, he will choose Salve, Tango, Magic stick and Quelling blade.

2. First Wave

In the first wave, you want to keep the stun to get the last hit Ranged creep, if possible hit 1 or 2 heroes with that stun. And if you want to use the stun immediately to get the most out of your mana regeneration, always keep an eye on when the enemy ranged creeps will die. Always make sure Sven has a stun ready to last hit ranged creeps.

Cast stun in first wave if:

  • 2 enemy heroes are standing close to each other and you want to set up support to harass AOE (ie hit both at the same time).
  • If pos 4 enemy pulls creeps aggro and creeps attack him. This way you can increase the maximum damage to pos 4 enemies.
  • If pos 3 the enemy wants to last hit ranged creeps and you can harass them.
  • Get last hit ranged creeps or two or more melee creeps if this is the only way to last hit.

3. Skill up

If you are winning the lane (by 1 level or more than the opponent’s offlaner), then go up as follows:

In the balance lane, or the lane where you are weaker, go like this:

This way, you will farm faster, even at lower levels.

4. How to farm

V-Tune applies the traditional gameplay when entering the jungle from level 5 to 7 similar to strong jungle heroes like Luna, Gyro, Sven, etc.

After entering the jungle at level 7, he never returned to the safelane again. He looks for opportunities in Mid and Offlane where he can push wave creeps, while his teammates push mid or offlane turrets.

Ask support (4) to stack the ancients for you, and eat them in about 9-10 minutes. Once that’s done, you side get the Echo Saber. Always pull the ancients out while farming them, don’t take the tank. Use stun and util, as well as warcry to reduce damage.

5. Up Item

Before 10 minutes, always prioritize items plus attack speed. Go Glove of haste over Belt of giant strength, prioritize Quarterstaff over Ogre ax. This way you will increase your maximum farming speed in the jungle, the best time to enter after reaching level 7.

Map up:

Starter Item > Wraith Band/Wand > Treads > Echo Saber > SnY > Blink > Other items.

V-Tune on Wraith Band to avoid harassing physical damage, or in lane to trade hit. Tread does not need further explanation, always build this item after getting the wand. Don’t buy bracers or buy more Wraith Bands afterwards.

Echo Sabre forced up. This is the perfect item for Sven. It increases farm speed, damage, allows you to enter combat from 10 minutes and increases mana regeneration.

SnY, and Yasha in general is also required. Sven relies on fast movement speed to track teamfights, especially when the util isn’t ready. How to fight and when to fight when there is no util are guided in the video. (Always stay within cast stun range, on critical targets).

Yasha strong because its movement speed bonus is increased by a percentage, meaning Warcry and Yasha will stack movement speed up. Reaching 480 ms with just Yasha is an unbelievable number.

BKB is overrated for its true value! As Sven, you don’t need to fight alone. Sven is weak in 1v1 against heroes like Troll, Terrorblade, Ursa and even strong Void. With Sven, you only want to kill the 1v1 support before the stun duration ends.

6. How to fight

  • Don’t solo carry the opponent
  • Focus on the Support, jump on them with blink while Sven hides in the jungle.
  • When util is available, focus on paper health targets.
  • When there is no util, or always in range you can immediately stun and prioritize heroes that deal main damage or heroes that can flip combat like Disruptor, Bane, Enigma, etc.

Ideally, you’d use ult to:

  • Farm
  • Eat life
  • Eat turrets
  • You want to achieve at least 2 of the 3 above at the same time, or if more perfect, achieve all 3 goals.

In addition, there are some very good secret tips in the video that are not mentioned in this article. Remember to watch the video.

You can support xuisoko by subscribing to his YouTube channel or following him on Reddit. You can read more of his tutorials below:

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