Dota 2: Instructions to play Silencer pos 4 and 5 rank Immortal, following the ALWAYSWANNAFLY gameplay

Dota 2 Huong dan choi Silencer pos 4 va 5 rank Immortal theo loi choi ALWAYSWANNAFLY - Emergenceingame

This is the guide to playing Silencer pos 4 and 5 by xuisoko on Reddit. Silencer has the ability to deal double damage and that’s why this hero is so strong.

While the enemy is silenced, Silencer can deal double damage and slow with Arcane Curse. Arcane Curse, Silencer’s 1st ability lasts 6 seconds and if anyone casts the spell during that time, the skill will renew for 3 seconds. After watching a few replays, I realized that a lot of players don’t understand many things about Silencer.

0. Instructions for casting skills properly

Always cast Last Word before Arcane Curse. If that doesn’t work, the next best way is to cast Last Word 2 seconds after Arcane Curse. By doing so, you will extend the duration of Arcane Curse as soon as Last Word activates its effect. You can also slow and deal double damage with Arcane Curse this way.

At level 8, if Last Word is cast before Arcane Curse is cast, whether the enemy spells it or not, the duration will be around 12 seconds instead of 6 seconds. It also resonates with any other silence, including Silencer’s ult, Orchid or even Drow’s silence. With the combo ulti + Last Word, you can extend the Arcane Curse time by more than 15 seconds. It can be seen that Silencer is currently extremely strong.

1. Lane Phase

The first thing to do in lane is to cast Q and try to cast it on both enemy heroes. ALWAYSWANNAFLY also avoids casting Arcane Cust on ranged creeps, as this will cause lanes to be pushed out (But you can break this rule if Arcane Curst gets two heroes).

One thing to know is that if enemy forces cast a skill, your Q becomes 9 seconds instead of 6 seconds at level 1. With 20 second cooldown, imagine casting on enemy, it lasts 9 seconds, they run back, heals and returns, Silencer almost has a spell ready to cast again.

The trick here is to communicate with teammates in the lane to force the opponent to cast spells if they are under the effect of Arcane Curse. Also, be sure to always cast E then Q afterwards, as in the tutorial at the beginning of the video.

Due to the lack of last hit ranged creep skill, your mission in lane is to harass the enemy when ranged creep is about to die, so that core can get last hit and deny.

Silencer likes to stay in lane because you become much stronger with teammates. Avoid pulling too much, unless the enemy is healing or dying. You need teammates in lane to force the enemy to use spells. If you can do that, you can easily handle them.

Silencer Dota 2 Wallpaper - Emergenceingame

2. Up Skill

Ideal: Q>E>Q>E>Q>R>Q>E>E

Meet two Melee:W>Q>Q>E>Q>R>Q>E>E>E
Meet two Melees who often cast spells: Q>W>Q>E>E>E>E

Basically, you want to maximize Arcane Curse, then Last Word. Glaives won’t get much stronger at level 2, so leave it level 1 early in the game. Most pro players raise Glaives at level 4 for the Intelligence steal value.

3. Up item

As pos 5, you need to heal the carry. Go to Tango, Salve, Mango, etc. Magic Stick when encountering spam skills, Mantle of Intelligence + Branch when meeting Melee. After that, Boots of Speed ​​is the most important item to upgrade immediately.

Going to Null Taliasman or completing the Magic Wand can delay the time to Boots. With Silencer, movement speed is essential, because you want to chase enemies and continue harassing them while being slowed and taking damage from Silencer’s skill set.

If laning with a hero requires a lot of mana, then Ring of Basilius is also an option.

  • Get on Boots as soon as possible. This is also the reason why some Silencer pos 4s even in the early game Boots. Experiment to find which playstyle suits you best.
  • After Boots of Speed, go to the Magic Wand and then maybe Urn, to increase the damage, or a utility item like Force Staff or Glimmer.
  • Other good early game items are Force Staff, Veil of Discord or Drum of Endurance, especially if you’re position 4.
  • What shoe to choose next is up to you. If you have a good game and feel like you can get stronger and hit your hands, Silencer can go to Power Treads.

Players need to consider whether they want to change the position of their teammates before certain skills or focus on saving people to choose whether to go to Force Staff or Glimmer Cape.

In the video, the opposing team has Sven, Snapfire, and Pangolier with massive AoE damage, so Glimmer isn’t a good choice. When facing AoE, Force Staff is always the better item.

silencer 1 - Emergenceingame

4. Combat

Silencer paper blood so in teamfight you don’t have to be the vanguard. You should not hit the enemy’s hand if you see 2-3 enemies present. If you see a lone object, you can strike. Otherwise, keep your distance and cast spells.

Your aim is not to initiate a teamfight. Instead, resist the enemy initiating a fight when they rush in, using silence and dealing massive damage to supports. As a Silencer player, you should always have a game plan in place.

5. Game plan

What will you use silence for? In this particular game (in the video), there are 3 options:

  1. Stop Snapfire’s ult
  2. Prevent Shadow Fiend’s ult
  3. Help Storm when the hero flies in. Storm flies in + Global Silence can defeat the enemy’s very strong core.

When you see a pro player reacting so quickly, you might think it’s because they’re pro that they react so quickly. But in fact, in almost all situations, their reflexes are not faster than yours, but because they have anticipated it in certain situations.

6. 1500 damage with 2 spells

In the video, I also show you how to use the spell, Q +E + 1 charge Vessel that deals around 1500 damage. That is, any enemy that tries to cast a spell will take 1500 damage.

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