Jerax and n0tail talk about why OG didn’t attend the first Major

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When the invites to the first Major DPC qualifiers went out last week, one big name didn’t show up. While Liquid, Secret, and Alliance were all invited, OG was not.

PGL has confirmed they have contacted the new king of TI8, but the team has refused to attend.

Not much was known about OG’s reason for not attending the Major, until last week, when both n0tail and JerAx officially shared the reasons. First, n0tail in the stream said that traveling too much was the first reason the team decided not to attend the Kuala Lumpur major:

Not long after, Jerax also confirmed in a tweet that the team was taking a break for a while but would soon be back in action:

Burnout was a big problem during last year’s DPC season, when most of the top teams took a tournament or two off due to fatigue. With fewer Majors this year, hopefully teams will feel more comfortable attending all of them. However, the break between The International and the first Major was shorter than before.

The break may have been too short, confirmed by Team Secret’s CEO and Dota 2 manager, Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey. The tweet states that OG is not the only party considering skipping the first Major, due to the short break.

While the TI champions that will not be attending the event will make the tournament somewhat lose its charm, the Kuala Lumpur event is still a Major and there are plenty of DPC points to look forward to. Apart from OG, no other top team has decided to retire from the tournament, as this decision is quite risky.

The closed qualifiers for the Kuala Lumpur Major will begin September 16 and run for four days, with 17 teams qualifying for the next round. Two teams are from each of South America, CIS, and Southeast Asia, while three are from each of North America, Europe, and China. Last place for the previous Minor champion.

According to VPesport

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