Top 4 highly-rated lineups in Teamfight Tactics Season 4 top 4 doi hinh dtcl 5 - Emergenceingame

8 Gladiators + 3 Forest Spirits


This is a really easy formation that you don’t have to think much about. Just buy all the Gladiators you can see. If you’re lucky, you can get the “selected champion” and complete all 8 Gladiator synergies. Only then will you become super resistant while Sett and Nunu can deal tons of damage. In addition, the Forest Spirit’s synergy gives you the ability to heal early in the game.

While Sett was already over OP, 8 Gladiators helped the Boss deal damage around the board towards the end of the game. You can also use Ashe to complete the Savage and add the Warwick Hunter. However Ashe is a generals paper blood, can be killed easily, so you have to think carefully about the items before using on her.

4 Gladiators + 6 Sagittarius


This is actually another version of the couple pictured above. Instead of 8 you only need 4 Gladiators but 6 Savages. This squad is less tanky in the front row but the whole team has strong tanking and healing at the same time.

However, to achieve this synergy, Sett must become a satyr, otherwise you must replace Lux with Hecarim and Veigar.

9 Crazy Cult


Similar to Gladiators, Rage Spear is a simple squad, you only need to buy 8 Ravage Spears, you will win. This champion has very good health in the midgame with the super tank Galio, while Kalista, Evelynn, and even Aatrox can deal tons of damage.

Of course, in order to have all 9 Crazy Cults, you have to be very lucky to get the “chosen champion” and upgrade to level 8 to get Zilean.

6 Sniper + 2 Mysteries + 2 Pioneers


This is also a super strong squad with the ability to wipe out the enemy very quickly. However, the downside of this is that the blood in the back row is low while the front is not strong enough. But if you can get “Selected Sniper” like Vayne, Jinx or Teemo early on, you might consider this squad because of its simplicity to use. Taste general carry the main of this squad is Jhin, most of the damage comes from him, but if you don’t have the right items you can pick Jinx or Teemo and use them as tanker.​

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