Youtuber criticized Genshin Impact for sucking blood after burning hundreds of millions into the game

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“I think this system is so tempting, we will get caught up in it like gambling”, this is the comment of Youtuber “Mtashed” about the gacha system of Genshin Impact after spending thousands of dollars on the game. Worried that his excessive spending will negatively affect viewers, Mtashed even deleted all videos related to Genshin Impact on his Youtube channel, then set up a new game account and promised not to spend any more money. any more money for the game.


Although Genshin Impact is a completely free game, the gacha system, where players can spend money to open 5-star rare characters, is quite tempting. Of course, players can earn Primogem (a premium currency in the game) through doing quests, opening chests or exploring locations to buy Wishes, but the quantity is quite meager, just enough to spin character several times a week. Meanwhile, many gamers are not willing to use low-level characters, what they want is 4-5 star characters, so spending money on the gacha system is inevitable.

So far, Mtashed has spent up to 7,200 USD (over 160 million VND) to film the character in Genshin Impact. Although this helped to triple the channel’s viewership, even so, Mtashed still decided to delete all videos related to previous spending because they were worried they would encourage viewers to spend money uncontrollably. control for Genshin Impact. After criticizing the game as “temptation”, this YouTuber said he will create a new game account and play the game completely free to promote this healthy gameplay to the audience.


In addition to Mtashed, many other Youtubers and content creators are also trying to get viewers to play games for free. As long as the character is level 4 stars, we can complete the game. Of course, the plowing takes more time, but the important thing is that the experience is not affected.

In the future, Mtashed will only use the old game acc with 5-star characters to make instructional videos when necessary, and will only play with the new acc. “I apologize if my previous videos have lured you into spending money on games. I’m really sorry about that,” said Mtashed, promising to continue to create more useful and healthy Genshin Impact content. Once again, Genshin Impact can be completed without spending a dime, so if we spend money, we should consider it accordingly and within our ability, do not spend too much money.​

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