The tycoon who went to the battlefield by auto was beheaded in the Arrogance of the Song Wushuang 2

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It is known that players will experience this battlefield on the first day of joining the game, at the new server Sinh Tu Kiem, launched on April 19, 2018. Sword The Thuc Dao, in addition to keeping the blood and fire of the old Tong Kim battlefield, also emphasizes the player’s thinking and control skills, a step to bring the character to the top.


The end of the era when the gatekeepers “meat” the heroes
If you have experienced many types of battlefields following Tong Kim, you certainly can’t forget the image of one – two giants standing guard at the resurrection gate to open the auto, if anyone comes out, “pop” right away. This can be seen as the most unbalanced point in the battlefield. But with the Sword of the Shu Dao in Unparalleled Pride 2the reverse potential.


Map is wide, people are crowded. The 69th battlefield did not allow the giants a chance to suppress the heroes. Just standing for a long time in one place without paying attention, quickly became delicious food for the whole herd to eat. However, there are still many people who claim to be a hero and decide to automatically farm points in front of the entrance to the enemy. The consequences need not say much, even the giants with a large number of cheeks are also at risk of SML, in the end can only be at the bottom of the table.


Therefore, any gamer from peasants to giants, going to the battlefield of Ao Kiem Wu Song 2 does not need to think about strength and weakness, but the principle must be 1000% high concentration, ready to fight. , judge the force and battle strength of the army of thousands of people, and then make a decision to run away or rush in for food.

The secret to standing first on the battlefield 69… that everyone knows
OK, if the giants are as foolish as the auto saints, they will be last in the table, so if they are wise, are they sure to be first or second? Must be red, not black! No need for too high character effort, players participating in Swords of Thuc Dao in Swordsmanship Unparalleled 2 can completely claim to be hegemony. With random attack power buffs, plus a few small tricks, anyone can make things happen, especially for gunnery sects.

The secret everyone knows, is the last hit technique, also known as eating foul, KS. The sects of Duong Mon, Cai Bang, and Wudang are often the masters of this game. Just stand far away from the “aimless” bem, wait for the enemy to run out of HP, then immediately discharge the skill chain of 5x, 6x dame to lead to killing. Especially pay attention to Cai Bang, with the combo “black hole” Lien Hoa Lac Battle and “dragon swing” Khang Long Huu Hoi attacked almost all the enemy troops with “paper blood” in the vicinity, making so many heroes. on the same side, angry and cursing the whole world.


Of course, you should not underestimate the close-range factions like Shaolin, Tieu Dao, Con Luan or forget about Nga My. It seems that there is little use of martial arts at Kiem Cac Thuc Dao because it is difficult for many people to access, but these factions have a certain contribution in ganking oddly, disrupting the enemy’s headquarters. Especially with Kunlun, who has stealth skills, specializing in waiting for the right time to “smoke match” with the above foul corps.


1vs1000 in the 69th battlefield The Sword of the Thuc Dao of the Unparalleled Ao Dai Sword 2 is not easy, even if you are a giant, even if you have a super great fighting power. All success or failure is due to the skill of answering.
It is known that Swords of the Thuc Dao is just one battlefield in dozens of unique battlefields in the Unparalleled Swordsman 2. To unleash and show your thinking and control abilities, you can try your hand at the game. This is on the new server Sinh Tu Kiem, launched April 19, 2018.

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