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Out of nowhere, 5 young people aimed at Black Friday to steal the game and the ending

Black Friday This is the most spectacular shopping festival of the year for shopaholics when brands simultaneously offer shocking discounts. However, it is the crowds jostling, trampling on each other or theft that create terrible disasters on this day. One of the latest incidents that was just reported during the great sale yesterday involved 5 young men who dared to break into the store to steal game discs, even shooting threateningly after being told. detection guard.


The incident happened at the Target store in The Hub shopping center in Fremont, California. 5 young people aged 17 to 19, taking advantage of the chaotic crowd on Black Friday, quickly “picked up” a lot of game discs. However, this behavior did not go unnoticed by the security guards. At that time, one of the suspects pulled out a gun and fired “multiple bullets” into the air, threatening to let them all jump into the car to escape.

But the net was in full swing, and it didn’t take long for Fremont police to find the hiding place and arrest the suspects. The police confiscated the weapons involved in the shooting and also located where the five youths were hiding weapons and stolen game discs.


Video games are relatively expensive pleasures and as a result, numerous crimes involving stealing game discs or gaming devices have occurred. Although many retailers like Target and Walmart are often very careful to protect their goods in locked glass cabinets, theft continues to occur, especially when the Black Friday sale is underway. out.

Fortunately, despite the shooting, no one was injured. Therefore, shoppers and sellers in these days need to be very careful and be vigilant about protecting goods and personal belongings to avoid similar cases.​

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