Diablo 4 promises to have billions of expansions, will gamers have “dry blood”?

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Diablo is one of the famous game series of Blizzard, although it has been released for more than 20 years, it seems that the developer still has a long-term plan with this IP. Recently Ausgamers posted an interview with Luis Barriga – the director of the project Diablo 4in which Barriga compared the latest Diablo sequel to the first chapter of a book, hinting at a planned long-term update to the game.​


Luis Barriga expressed, when looking at Dibalo’s sketches, the development team also found new inspirations: building stories around the character Lilith. Barriga said that the development team had planted a lot of seeds in Santuary in the past, there was a rich background story in the novels and books, so the development team decided to take a closer look at it. legends, find new interesting points.


Luis Barriga also revealed the possibility of more villains besides Diablo, and that each expansion will revolve around a new character. This approach also reduces the problem of players getting bored once they have maxed out. This sounds like an interesting design, but fans are also worried about having to pay for new extensions. Hopefully Blizzard can bring players free updates or at least reasonably priced so that gamers can experience all the pleasures that the game brings.​

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