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Gamers take turns saying goodbye to Griffin amid LoL contract controversy

Story about Griffin shook Korean LoL in the past month. After the former coach cvMax fired before the World Championships, the charges contract forgery, violence with the gamer and corruption tormented my rookie LCK.

Riot Korea released their initial findings on Nov. 20, offering indefinite suspensions to cvMax and manager Cho Kyu-nam, as well as an $85K fine to the team. In response, Griffin was contract termination with a handful of their gamers before the start of the 2020 season.



In a statement on November 25, Griffin announced the termination of contracts with Doran, Chovy and Lehends.

They say: “We are here to deliver sad news. Our contracts with Lehends, Doran and Chovy have ended with mutual consent. Thank you very much for bringing precious memories and spectacular matches to Griffin.

Doran signed with Griffin at the LCK 2019 Summer, while Chovy and Lehends have been part of the team since the 2018 LCK.


According to Korean esports news site Naver, the trio is expected to stay in the LCK. Doran, Chovy, and Lehends will join DragonX in 2020, along with bot laner Deft.

Ban cvMax will be dismantled, meaning that the former Griffin coach will be able to lead DragonX in the 2020 LCK.


According to a translation by Korizon, “We will void all contracts that have been made previously. We will be drafting new contracts to address unfair provisions in existing contracts.”

“We will also respect the wishes of the gamers, if they request to become a freelance gamer instead of renewing this new contract, and will let them end the contract without any fees. “

Riot Korea has also been criticized for the investigate about Griffin, with South Korean government senators highlighting corruption within Riot Korea itself and Griffin itself.


Sen. Ha Tae-kyung noted that Griffin forged legal documents submitted to Riot Korea regarding Kanavi’s contract, and that Riot Korea broke the Whistleblower Protection Bill.

A petition sent to the Korean Blue House to investigate Riot Korea and Griffin garnered 185,000 signatures within a week. Once the petition reaches 200,000 signatures, the Korean government will open its own investigation into the matter.​

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