Destiny Warfare – New FPS brings crazy beautiful graphics to Mobile

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FPS has always been one of the hottest game genres in the virtual world.. and as Mobile became more developed it saw even more crazy momentum. Not so when looking back at the Modern Combat, Modern Strike Online nice CrossFire Legendswe see the line shooting game How powerful it is on mobile.

Now that terrorist army continues to have a new rookie, a graphic masterpiece with the ambition to transfer the hot online battlefield to Mobile. Yes that is – Destiny Warfare FPS title from Russia has officially entered the testing phase.


Destiny Warfare takes gamers to a future context where Earth’s resources have been exhausted and technology gradually goes into a period of degeneration. To save that situation, many forces have decided to reach out into the universe to find new resources and enrich themselves. The inevitable consequence of that action is the interplanetary war between the largest military forces on Earth, bringing smoke and fire to cover the battlefields in space. Joining one of those forces you will do whatever it takes to help your side win.


Destiny Warfare offers the standard gameplay of a title FPS Online, where gamers will immerse themselves in hot matches between countless different players. There you can choose between specialized Class strains and a variety of weapons, allowing gamers to adapt to each combat style. However, the strength of Destiny Warfare is that it allows players to fight in a zero-gravity environment. With the ability to fly and move further than usual, players can open up new attacks and destroy enemies in a variety of ways.


Currently, Destiny Warfare has officially entered the Beta testing phase, allowing readers to download the game for free via the link below. However, the game’s server system is not stable at the moment, so you may encounter a situation where you cannot connect. When Destiny Warfare Release the official version, Emergenceingame.Com will immediately update for readers.

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