Kaiser – Great MMORPG for 100 PvP players at the same time

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While Netmarble continues to conquer the world rankings with Lineage II: Revolution, Lineage M and TERA M coming soon, Nexon is trying to compete with the game. Kaiser. The game has just opened Closed Beta in the Korean domestic market.


Kaiser Developed by Pathfinder8, including a team of people who have been involved in the construction of Lineage II, so it is not surprising that Kaiser possesses familiar elements compared to the famous game above, including the battlefield. PvP up to 100 characters at once.


Trailer for the game Kaiser

Kaiser belongs to the familiar MMORPG genre, set in a fantasy world with bold Western colors in the Middle Ages. Gamers start with a choice of 4 classes including Warrior, Archer, Assassin, and Sorceress. Right from the first step of creating a character, gamers have the right to choose the appearance and appearance of the character.

Trial clip of Kaiser

However, in addition to the beautiful 3D images like the current Korean game trend, the plot of Kaiser has not been appreciated. Some experts believe that this game simply copies the basics of a game MMORPG on PC and brought to mobile platform, there is no difference compared to games of the same genre. The Korean game company still has a lot of work to do if it wants to compete with other domestic competitors.​

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