Defeat billions of zombies the impossible way in They Are Billions

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They Are Billions is a special real-time strategy game. Unlike similar games, where the player will play the role of a king or lord, tasked with conquering other lands, in They Are Billions, your goal is only one and only: Survive. You must survive waves of zombies in the tens of thousands, frantically rushing towards your base, to tear everything to pieces.


So, how to survive, in the midst of a world full of cannibals? In an RPG game, you will have to find weapons, will have to wriggle between alleys, will have to constantly move to stay safe… As for a game RTS Like They Are Billions, your job is much “simpler”, which is to build a base. You have to build yourself a very solid base, to be able to withstand the seemingly endless waves of enemies.

That’s the basic rule of They Are Billions. The stronger your base, the higher your chances of survival. But remember, the waves of enemies will become stronger and more numerous, so your base will also need constant upgrading. From there, the size of the base will also have to be very large, to have enough space for works, from increasing defense to economic stability. That, is still the way to play the majority of players of They Are Billions used (and not everyone can win, even with the easiest mode).


However, one person has found another way to win They Are Billions. ImKibitz, a YouTuber specializing in the game, made it difficult for himself by posing a challenge: Overcome They Are Billions with as small a base area as possible. As mentioned above, if the base is too small, you won’t have enough room to put the things you want inside, and that means “destroying humanity”.

To deal with this, ImKibitz chose to build a base near the forest (zombie won’t attack from the jungle in They Are Billions). Thus, he was able to limit many of the enemy’s attack directions. In the remaining directions, he built a total of 17 Thanatoses, 24 Snipers, a series of Titans and countless watchtowers to protect the base.


After countless attempts, ImKibitz succeeded, as shown in the video below. However, ImKibitz himself also noted that the most important issue is how to keep the economy from stagnation. Must know, each defensive unit consumes a certain amount of resources to be able to operate. If you don’t have enough resources, of course, you will run out of breath, and quickly be engulfed by massive waves of zombies.

So, if you’re not one to manage large bases, what ImKibitz has done is obviously also a good way to survive in They Are Billions. However, keep in mind that even ImKibitz itself cannot win the game on the most difficult mode. Therefore, it is best to try this game in as easy mode as possible. Because, if not, chances are you will not experience new joys, but instead, be “eaten in the mouth” by zombies.​

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