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Mobile gamers must be no stranger to Last Day on Earthtitle survival game Popularity attracts a large number of players. It is also from this super product that Mobile witnessed a series of survival games that followed learning, giving gamers a lot of interesting options. Grim Soul can be considered as a typical example in that “rank” when bringing players to a never-before-seen context.


There, instead of bringing gamers to a modern-day setting, Grim Soul throws players back into the Middle Ages where the Zombie pandemic threatened to wipe out all life on the face of the earth. As an unknown person accidentally lost in that world, you will have to do everything to keep your life.


The story of Grim Soul revolves around a deadly disease called Gray Decay, which causes infected people to die and come back to life as wandering corpses with insatiable hunger. Gradually it turned into a pandemic that swept through countless villages, ramparts.. gradually wiped out human civilization. As a lucky survivor, you will begin your journey on this dead land to find out the truth behind Gray Decay.


Grim Soul brings gameplay similar to Last Day on Earth, where gamers will start with empty hands and gradually accumulate necessities to live through the day. With a game crafting system that gives you the ability to create many different tools, initially to exploit or cut trees.. but later develop weapons and armor. This is a system that plays an extremely important role, allowing Grim Soul to motivate players to explore the world around them.


If you’ve ever been fascinated with Last Day on Earth, Grim Soul will definitely become an interesting choice and a whole new experience for Mobile gamers. Readers can enjoy by downloading Grim Soul Free live here:

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