Deadpool takes advantage of Justice League in the new trailer part 2

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Since its launch, Deadpool Always loved by fans because of his spontaneity and muddiness. All of these things make this character unique. Recently, the company Fox released a new trailer for the movie Deadpool 2Name “Deadpool, Meet CableThis trailer mainly focuses on introducing the mutant character Cable (played by Josh Brolin) – who has a rather complicated relationship with Deadpool in this part 2.


The first seconds of the trailer are very serious and have many dark parts. However, should you think this is the new style of Deadpool then you are wrong. Because the mercenary immediately asked to “pause” the scene for a minute to complain about the lack of special effects. Fans must have noticed him too Deadpool is deliberately mocking humorously about the “removal of beard” incident in the movie Justice League before. The reason is that actor Henry Cavill (Super Man) while filming Justice League was also filming another movie, but the producers of the two films could not reach an agreement on character creation. One side wants Henry Cavill to have a beard, the other side is the opposite. So in Justice League people had to use techniques to remove the actor’s beard, making Super Man have a stiff face throughout the movie. The Deadpool mercenary did not hesitate to say: “What’s going on, Dale? Why isn’t the visual effect done. It’s a metal arm, we don’t have to erase it like a beard”.

Deadpool revolves around the guy Wade Wilson, a person with incurable cancer experimented with becoming a mutant with super-speed recovery like Wolverine. Deadpool is an extremely popular anti-hero character in the universe Marvel for his humor with his mouth that never stops talking nonsense. The movie about this “bad guy” was first released in 2016 and was a great success with a revenue of up to 783 million USD. Part 2 of Deadpool It is expected to be released to the audience soon June 1, 2018.​

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