The Audition community “was up” before the “sweet” love story of a lesbian couple

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Recently, a female couple Audition gamer made the community of players of this game “wobble” when publicizing their love story in front of “people’s table”. Not only expressing happiness with his current love, but accompanied by romantic images of both in the game and in real life.

Their love came naturally as a skillful arrangement of fate, when the two met by chance and got to know each other in a TD (one of the two female leads) Download Audition about to play after a long time off the game. The first impressions of that girl made TD immediately resolve to conquer.


Because of that love, when he saw his friend paired with another person in the game, TD could not hide his feelings of disappointment and jealousy. And also because of his love for that girl, TD missed his whole study abroad trip just by a text message: “I’m used to life with D, so don’t go anymore”.


The day that girl confessed to TD, was also the day TD told her stories that she had experienced, that she was not a real man, what would happen when she fell in love again. daughter. Afraid that she would be discriminated against, but in response to TD’s sincere heart, the girl vowed to say her love to D defiantly: “D is better than boys, worry about me little by little every now and then. I’m hurt. I know D is not a boy, whoever D is, I still love him.”


Also from here, the two officially became a couple and their love story took place with countless sweet and romantic things like any other couple. Learn to travel together, explore new lands and have meaningful moments together. Up to now, the two have been together for more than 8 months.


The couple’s sweet love affair can’t help but receive the attention of a large number of members of the player community Audition. All of them expressed their admiration for this beautiful love and sent their best wishes for the happiness of the young couple.


It can be said that Audition in particular or the online game world in general is a wonderful world that gives wings to beautiful same-sex relationships, where they or any of us can live with the right people. the person you love, is free to accept and express your feelings to the person you love. Certainly not only the above female gamer couple, but a much larger number, but perhaps for many reasons, gay couples have not dared to make their love public. Also on this post, Emergenceingame.Com would like to send our best wishes to our LGBT young couples, always confidently love, confidently express your personality!​

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