Crossfire Legends – 4 classic mistakes newbies often make when playing survival

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1. Parachute in the wrong place, unintentional landing

Most of the new players often have a negligent mentality, thinking that skydiving should be left to nature, not focusing on choosing an appropriate landing site. Usually the areas with buildings are where there are lots of things to pick up. If you fall in a position that is too far from those areas, it will take a lot of time to move. Not to mention that opponents with weapons first that see you running around will kill you right away.


Although when jumping from the plane, it is not certain that you will land in the right place. If you’re lucky, you’ll be near the pick, even more unlucky, you’ll fall completely out of the area at first, worse than in the middle of nowhere or away from your teammates in the case of group play. The solution to these situations is to swerve through blind spots or find a car that gets on the gas and heads straight ahead.

2. Lack of items, not enough to use

It is not an exaggeration to say that collecting is an art and that a true collector is an artist. Usually, players often pick up as much as possible of what appears in their sight. Sometimes I even forget the places I used to go to pick up things.


This can become a fatal mistake due to having too many unnecessary items or not working to support each other, leading to when you meet the item you need, you have to choose the leftovers to throw away. For example, you are shooting an AK47 and you run out of ammo, but there are only shotgun bullets in your inventory. In addition, please pick up items carefully in the buildings, do not miss any corner, the most effective is from left to right, from top to bottom to easily identify which area you have already picked up.

Note: buildings that have been left open show that someone has come in first to pick up things, so you don’t need to go there anymore to save time, or in some cases you can take advantage of the closure create a fake scene to lure others in.

3. Forgot to run bo, observe the small map

Due to the mechanism of survival so you can’t just wander on the map forever or stay entrenched in a safe location. The sandstorm will gradually spread and herd you to a safe area that is getting smaller and smaller. Always observe on the small map, watch the right time to move, don’t fall into the sandstorm area and then start running, sometimes you can’t make it in time, lose blood and die.


For many players, collecting items and hunting lives is an undying passion that makes them sometimes forget where they are. Most importantly, survival is not a single match, so the winner does not need to be a skilled marksman, but must be the most skillful and sophisticated.

4. Too hasty, greedy for life

We must constantly repeat that the sole purpose of survival is to survive to the end, not a contest to find the most enemy fighter. So patience is of the utmost importance. When you have picked up enough weapons and equipment, and are in a safe area, there is no need to move much. Instead, find a place to hide and wait for the time. Do not be hasty and eager to leave your hiding place to look for prey, otherwise you will become prey for experienced hunters lurking out there.


Survival is not a difficult game mode, but there will definitely be certain barriers for new players that make you easy to make mistakes. Don’t be discouraged because of that. Let’s play survival enthusiastically and comfortably, it will get better and better every day!

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