PUBG Mystery – Choosing female characters will be less bulletproof?

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Since PUBG becoming a storm on the gaming world, gamers have been wondering if choosing a female character instead of a male character will help them get less bullets? This question arises because in terms of body size, male characters are definitely larger than female characters, so it is easy to infer that choosing a female character gives you a lower hit rate. But did the developer let that unbalanced factor happen right from the character selection stage?

Readers, let’s join Emergenceingame.Com to find the answer to this problem, along with many other mysteries that are being rumored within the PUBG gaming community right here.


Female characters get less bullets?

In fact, whether you choose a female or male character, the probability of getting hit is still the same. Despite having different body sizes, the hitboxes of the two characters are still the same. Hitbox here is the system that the developer uses to locate the body hit by bullets. For ease of visualization you can imagine the blocks stacked on top of each other in the shape of the human body. And these invisible boxes of the male model are completely similar to the female model.


Walking barefoot is more silent than wearing shoes?

This is not necessarily true nor necessarily wrong because going barefoot or wearing shoes depends on the terrain that the gamer moves on. Proven by measuring sound intensity, vacuum travel will allow you to make less noise on concrete, dirt roads, metal and on grass. Meanwhile, wearing shoes will make less noise on sand and a small part on wooden floors.


Will lying on grenades reduce damage to allies?

This is a fairly common theory in games, especially the FPS title Battlefield 1. Lying on a grenade as an extremely brave act will allow the player to save his teammates from visible damage. However, in PUBG, damage is still damage, so if you lie down, you will not only not be able to save your teammates, but also drag yourself along. Even when trying to have all 3 remaining people stand in front, the grenade damage to the person behind is still the same.


Airdrop allows to determine where the circle is?

For many gamers, Airdrops often appear in the hottest spots of the battlefield and thus can guide the next round to run to the top. This means that just by looking in the direction of the Airdrop you can locate the next safe destination on the map. However, this is completely wrong because Airdrop can appear in places where gamers are the most, but it is not certain that the circle will be collected there. Through verification with Custom Games mode, many gamers also see that Airdrops sometimes fall outside the next position that the circle collects.


Running with pistols and pans as fast as running barehanded?

We often have a habit of leaving the character empty-handed to have a faster speed when running long distances. This is not wrong, but few people know the fact that holding pistols also gives players the same speed and still has a basic defense method for themselves. The same is true when you hold melee weapons like pans or sickles.

Along with that, holding SMG guns (note that the character only has to hold it with one hand) also allows players to move quickly and still be able to protect themselves, although not as fast as when holding a pistol. or empty handed.


Ranked next in the speed rankings are assault rifles and then sniper rifles, as you can easily see that the character has to hold these weapons in both hands. Interestingly, the S12K and other Shotguns are listed as the “heaviest” in the game, making the character move much slower when not carrying them on their back.

(To be continued)

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