Yong Heroes jubilantly celebrated his 1st birthday with a series of shocking events

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Yong Heroes is the first vertical screen MMORPG in Southeast Asia, with familiar gameplay and fun graphics. Since its launch, this game has always been in the top revenue rankings, along with the support from the gaming community.

Because the main character classes are completely new, the 3D graphics in the game are extremely beautiful with real-time shading technology, making the martial arts world reproduced extremely vividly and beautifully.


Besides, the optimized design for the vertical screen of mobile phones, helping gamers to only need to hold one hand to experience the absolute is also one of the strengths that make users prefer Yong Heroes.

It has just been a year, and on the upcoming November 13, Yong Heroes will officially have a series of jubilant events to celebrate his birthday with the promise of “Japanese version for Birthday”. Japanese nature”.


Time is counting down to the time of update on 11/13

Specifically, by logging into the homepage of the 1-year-old birthday event below, players can receive countless benefits for themselves. First by pre-registering at the homepage with phone number or email, Yong Heroes players will receive the following rewards:


After that, try the exciting Lucky Draw activity, the 1st draw will get 1 lucky point, if you have enough lucky points, the next time you draw, you will definitely get one of the best rewards, and lucky points. luck will return to 0. Players can earn more draws by logging in every day or sharing to FB :


In addition, there are countless ingame benefits including free Japanese Fashion period gifts, login to receive gifts, anniversary envelopes, etc. Accompanying it is that the appearance of the great sects in Yong Heroes has also changed with bold Japanese costumes – it will certainly bring exciting experiences for gamers to try.


Right now Yong Heroes players can visit the pre-registration page to reserve seats for the event, take the opportunity to win super valuable rewards, the fun will be doubled on this great occasion.​

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