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Deadpool 2 fever sweeps the world as fast as Thanos

The latest super product Deadpool 2 has now been premiered and stormed in cinemas. It can be said that this return of the super mercenary has achieved more success than expected. Many viewers also said that if part 1 was previously rated 7/10 points, part 2 deserves 9.9. In addition to the trailers revealing the dramatic scenes in the film, there are also side videos promoting the film such as: Deadpool Introduction to Canada travel, Deadpool apologizes to Beckham... also caught the attention of fans. Recently, in the released TV spot trailer, people had a “gut pain” because of the movie’s propaganda tricks. Deadpool.


After wearing a football shirt to invite Beckham to watch the World Cup last time, this time the mutant is the most “muddy” Marvel got involved with the world famous football club – Manchester United and turned “Red Devils” into an army to promote the movie for him. All players’ uniforms and daily personal items will be changed to items with the symbol Deadpool. Not stopping there, the entire stands and football field have been changed to Deadpool’s signature red – black color scheme. It can be seen that the mercenary this time worked very hard to popularize.”Deadpool” to everyone, every home and “pull” the audience to the theater to watch part 2 of the movie.

Deadpool revolves around the guy Wade Wilson, a person with incurable cancer experimented with becoming a mutant with super-speed recovery like Wolverine. Deadpool is an extremely beloved anti-hero character in the Marvel universe because of his humor with his mouth that never stops talking nonsense. Going to part 2, Deadpool will confront the killer Cable, a guy from the future with a plot to kill a baby – who, according to him, will later become a powerful mutant. In an effort to ensure the safety of the baby, Deadpool will receive help from both new and old friends, and especially members from a newly formed army called X-Force.

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