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Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 officially kicks off the Martial Arts Festival

After rumors about Big Update including new sects, new PK features, etc., gamers talked about and made many assumptions. That’s new, Unparalleled Pride 2 announced the official launch of the Martial Arts Tournament, known as the first step for the upcoming Big Update. Competing at the Vo Lam Congress, players not only win the title of Minh Chu Vo Lam – a position that only passionate heroes can achieve, but also own a series of the rarest items in this game.


Vo Lam Congress opens the voting gate from 11/05 to 25/05. To participate, gamers must be in the top 20 of the “Summer Cooling” event to receive the Thang Thien Order – a ticket to enter the tournament. This is considered the most fair-democratic tournament that has ever taken place in the martial arts scene, because players must not only have high martial arts skills, extraordinary body, but also have to win the hearts of martial arts enthusiasts. Therefore, the new server Da Tinh Kiem launched on May 18, 2018, is an opportunity for heroes to train their hearts, attract the admiration of brothers and sisters, and get this invitation.


This inter-server tournament gathers many talented heroes to join the fray in direct combat on the same battlefield. This mortal battlefield can only win, cannot lose, because the loser has no chance to continue to the next round.


The top 32 strongest people in the qualifying rankings will enter the 2nd round, will be divided into 4 random groups and participate in the double-defeated round, divided into winners – losers, winners of 2 teams will advance to the final round. choose Minh Chu Vo Lam. With this double-defeat mechanism, if a player misses a chance to fall into the losing team, they still have 1 more chance to wade upstream. Gamers on the winning team should not “sleep on victory”, but must be highly focused to become the person with the highest achievement.


Winning at the Vo Lam Congress, gamers not only receive extremely valuable ingame gifts but also receive the noble title – Minh Chu Vo Lam. Because of the hegemony of the world, I don’t know how many struggles broke out under many malicious tricks. Now, there is a fair and democratic arena for gamers to show off their martial arts skills and become famous at the Vo Lam Congress, with the new server Da Tinh Kiem launched on May 18. The fortune of holding the world in hand has never been so close.


Explaining about the name of the server Da Tinh Kiem while the Vo Lam Congress was on fire, that was the message from NPH to Kim Dung’s swordsman fans. Anyone who wants to become the main character of all things, must train themselves to become heroes of high martial arts and philanthropy like Leh Ho Chong, Quach Tinh, Duong Qua, etc. dress. Being a hero, he will definitely hold the whole world in his hands, including wealth and beauty.

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