Dakar 18 released a sharp and beautiful trailer announcing the release date

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If you do not know, Darkar 18 is a game developed by Bigmoon Entertainment, this is a 3D game that simulates the most dangerous prank on the planet but still attracts thousands of people every year abroad. From real life to the game, the developer of Dakar said that the game will realistically simulate each content and detail of this most dangerous race.


For players who do not know much about racing may feel confused when they see the name of the game, in fact Dakar Rally is known as a game for adventurers, the most intense race in the world. This most demanding and extreme racing sport is watched by more than 500 million people around the world every year

The game will be full of vehicles like in real life and differentiated into 5 types including trucks, motos, cars, off-road vehicles, SxS. Besides, the game is also divided into single player mode and online / offline multiplayer mode. Since the game’s announcement, it has always received positive reviews from many players from the beautiful graphics to the extremely attractive gameplay. Most recently, the developer continues to tease the game’s drop-in trailers. Through the trailer, it is possible to see clearly every detail of the vehicles that will participate in this race, besides that there is still a sharp, lifelike graphics that makes viewers feel like they are caught up in the game.


According to official information, the game will be released on September 11 this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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