20 Crazy facts about Joker’s body – Batman’s arch-enemy (P.2)

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14. Joker and Harley once almost had a baby

In the relationship we’re told, Joker and Harley have an exploitative relationship, seemingly using her only as a tool for his criminal actions. However, in both the game Arkham and in DCEU the two seem to be a couple, they sympathize with each other. This relationship almost progressed to a deeper level at Batman: Arkham City. After the Joker died, Harley used to sing to comfort a child. This is revealed in the manga Harley Quinn’s Revenge that it was simply an unintended positive mistake on the part of the couple.


13. Joker’s Daughter

Another unintended mistake? Why would a madman like Joker be bound by a child? Actually this is located in another universe in DC Comics in comics Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this universe, Harley Quinn reveals to Black Canary that she once had a child with the Joker, but she hid it from him and sent the child away to live with her sister. He also has a (non-biological) daughter in Duela Dent, who dresses up as the “Prince of Crime” and calls herself “Joker’s Daughter”.​​


12. Actor Cesar Romero refused to shave for the role

The ’66 Batman show starring Adam West and Burt Ward became a cultural phenomenon and put the Dark Knight on the map in mass entertainment.

The wave of “Batmania” swept across America in the ’60s, leading to a show that ran for three seasons and starring Cesar Romero as one of the most popular villains: the Prince. Clown Prince of Crime – Joker. However, the funny thing is that Joker has no beard, but this actor refuses to shave. In the end one had to see a somewhat aged Joker with a beard on screen.


11. Joker’s heart poisoned Batman and drove “He” crazy

There have been many different versions of Batman over the years, but none as scary as The Batman Who Laughs. After an encounter with the Joker, Batman lost his mind and went on a rampage, rampaging everyone and wiping out Gotham City. The origin of this incident is due to the Joker’s version in the universe Dark Knights: Metal there is a “poison pill” in for backup. When Batman finally captures and ends the villain’s life, a device in his heart emits a powerful line of Joker Venom and drives “He” into a frenzy.


10. Joker has many identities

Every time a new writer takes on the task of writing a script about the Joker, they naturally want to bring their own characteristics into the character. It is also a good thing to create various iconic details for the villain over the years. However, it can also be catastrophic if the writer makes him do things that are contrary to his character. During the DC reincarnation, Batman discovers a shocking truth in Morbius Chair: the Joker. The chair reveals that there are actually three different Jokers.


9. Jared Leto shaved his eyebrows for the role

There are many things to look out for when you look at Joker’s Suicide Squad. There are all the tattoos, scars, dazzling outfits and jewelry, but perhaps the most remarkable thing about this Joker is that he has no eyebrows. This has the effect of making it harder for others to grasp his emotions, and always makes the Joker look like a predator about to attack his prey. Because he wanted to portray the character more realistically, Jared Leto refused to cover his eyebrows with make-up or CGI. The actor sacrificed himself for the role by shaving off his eyebrows to play the Joker.


8. He once cut off his own face

In the first great story of Detective Comics, Batman has captured the Joker and a new villain – Dollmaker. At the end of the story, the Joker actually went crazy when he decided he wanted a fresh start in life. So he cut off his own face. The next time people see the Joker again, he reattaches the face to his head with a bunch of nails and tape.


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