CSGO: MP5 silencer appears in the game, an alternative to MP7

MP5 CSGO - Emergenceingame

MP5 is the most versatile and popular SMG gun in the world. The SD version has an additional silencer with high movement speed, but in return, damage and accuracy when moving are reduced.

This is the second option if you don’t like using MP7. You can equip MP5-SD in your inventory and experience the game right away.


  • CSGO has just released an update with the MP5-SD gun. This gun can now be tested in Offline and Casual servers as well as Deathmatch. It can replace the MP7 in your loadout slot.

MP5 CSGO - Emergenceingame


  • Advertised Lobbies for nearby players and Steam Groups memberships will expire in 5 minutes if the lobby leader is inactive.
  • Added a way to advertise a single-player lobby to nearby players and Steam Groups members from the conversation tool.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some players, especially DSL users, to experience high packet loss.


  • Apply Panorama interface to Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Allow lobby chat when the accept game screen is activated.
  • Fixed display of multiple chat lines stuck in the last chat line.
  • Fixed keyboard not responding after typing and pressing “send” in chat bar.
  • Allows sending Steam messages to recent teammates using the new Steam chat.
  • The spectate HUD now follows the configuration of cl_drawhud.
  • Fixed reconnect button when it appeared on lobby chat.
  • Fixed MP7’s moving effect.
  • The game adds a “round_totaldmg” line to track the total amount of damage the player deals.
  • Fix the scoreboard display for each game mode separately.
  • Improve and stabilize the game.
  • Fix map icon


  • Added regular maps for Desert Eagle | Code Red and P90 | Traction


  • This update includes a change to the “csgo.exe” file, which, even though it has been certified by Valve (Valve digital certificate), can still trigger warnings with some anti-virus software and change the software configuration to no virus error.
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