Crossfire Legends – When DE-VIP Inferno vs DE-Born Beast

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DE-VIP Inferno and DE-Born Beast are the two most DE Vip versions so far in Crossfire Legends. Not only possessing a “cool cool” appearance, but these two pistols also have great qualities that any gamer craves to own. Let’s take a look at some of the “hot” features of these two divine pistols!



In terms of shape, DE-VIP Inferno and DE-Born Beast are both orange quality VIP weapons, so the appearance is definitely superior to conventional guns to distinguish class and value. If DE-Born Beast is impressive with a unique combination of a pistol and a melee knife, unique in CrossFire Legends, the unique essence of DE-VIP Inferno is identified through the shape of a gun. The pistol is integrated with a melee bayonet that we can’t find at the moment the second one.


While one side goes with a mysterious and cool beast style, with dark tones creating an introverted feeling, the other side shows an extrovert nature in the use of light tones such as metallic gold and metallic silver. twinkle. Obviously, on the surface, the victory or defeat will be decided largely based on personal feelings.


This match is considered a draw!


First of all, with the stats that the system gives, the gunner can easily see the difference when placing DE-VIP Inferno and DE-Born Beast on the scale. DE-Born Beast is 1 unit higher than DE-VIP Inferno in damage stats, offset by 1 unit less stable. In terms of theoretical numbers, both VIP pistols are equally powerful.


Quality comparison results:

  • Withdraw weapon: DE-Born Beast more
  • Ammo change: more DE-VIP Inferno
  • Fire rate of 11 rounds: DE-VIP Inferno is more
  • Special Attack Speed: more DE-Born Beast

Thus, in terms of strength, once again inconclusive.

Effects + special features
Add-on effects comparison:
DE-Born Beast:

  • Additional weapon ammo
  • Plus 100% EXP
  • Give your roommate 20% EXP and 10% GP

DE-VIP Inferno:

Compare special features:

  • DE-Born Beast: 1 time melee attack every time you change weapons.
  • DE-VIP Inferno: throw grenades after firing the first magazine, the player does not need to equip more grenades.

In terms of special features, it is clear that DE-VIP Inferno’s grenade throwing ability is somewhat more useful in combat, stopping enemies and dealing damage to the target group, although it is certainly not comparable to grenades. Standard ammo. And in terms of special features, DE-VIP Inferno scored.


After the battles in terms of shape, strength and special features, both DE-VIP Inferno and DE-Born Beast excellently demonstrate the level of top weapons and with the above results, it is very difficult. In order to confirm which gun is better, win or lose, please leave the evaluation to the gunners.​

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