PUBG hits 400 million players, offers new weapons

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PUBG is still a craze in the gaming world, especially after launching the Mobile version with crazy heat. That’s why, everywhere we go, we see the silhouettes of phones with players crouching and running or net shops with K98’s silhouette always present.. But even PUBG’s name became popular. Either way, you still can’t imagine the true number of the player community.


Yes, according to the official announcement of Bluehole and PUBG Corp, the PUBG game has officially reached 400 million gamers across all platforms, including PC, Xbox One and Mobile. With 400 million gamers, PUBG has naturally become one of the games with the largest community in the virtual world today.

And as to celebrate this event, PUBG on Steam has lowered the price for the first time since its official release, bringing the price of the license key down to only VND 228 thousand – an extremely comfortable number for a game. as hot as PUBG.


In addition, parallel to the event of 400 million gamers, PUBG is also preparing to welcome Map Sanhok to the official Server. With an area of ​​​​4×4, Sanhok promises to become a battlefield and ignite a new flame into PUBG. Not only that, PUBG PC version also offers a new weapon similar to the Mobile version revealed not long ago. Yes, that’s a rifle QBZ95 – Weapons completely exclusive to Map Sanhok. QBZ95 will replace SCAR-L in this Map and has 1.4 times the spawn rate compared to its senior. It is known that QBZ95 will use 5.56mm bullets with each standard cartridge of 30 rounds.


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