Crazy fan quits job, determined to collect more than 10,000 Dragon Ball items to set a world record

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The main character in this story is Hitoshi Uchida, who set a Guinness World Record for his collection of items. Dragon Ball his “super giant”. In the video posted by the Guinness team, Uchida shared that, to do this, he had to give up his job to have more time for collecting and realizing his dream.

As of now, Uchida owns 10,098 Dragon Ball related items, from the life-sized Son Goku statue to Son Goku’s wig, all making the Seven Balls fans Dragon ball amazed and enthralled. Of course, this collection is not easy at all, in addition to money problems, Uchida also had to give up his job.


The owner of this huge collection said that he had a special love for the Dragon Ball series from an early age. At that time, he was very afraid of ghosts and to reassure himself, he often thought of Son Goku’s voice and it helped him overcome his fear. Uchida started his collecting journey by playing gacha games (vending machines containing figurines or small gifts) since he was in high school. Dragon Ball was still not very popular back then and people started to feel his actions were a bit strange. “I’m embarrassed and don’t want to let people know I like Dragon Ball so I often go to different neighborhoods to play gacha and get more items.”


Counting the large and small Son Goku figurines alone, Uchida has more than 4,000 pieces and he even dedicated a room to display them. In fact, there are many people who have the same passion for collectors as Uchida, but no one has surpassed his number of 10,098. In addition, Uchida has another wish to meet Masako Nozawa, the voice actress of the character Son Goku: “Her voice has helped me a lot, I can’t wait to meet her.” . Now with the setting of a Guinness record and becoming famous among the fans 7 Dragon Ballsmaybe Uchida’s dream will come true soon.​

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