The True Origin of the Iron Man Armor in Avengers Infinity War

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In Avengers Infinity War, Iron Man put on a brand new armor named Mark 50 with Nano technology and quite unpredictable variability. However, few people know, Mark 50 is based on the prototype Bleeding Edge in the comics, okay Tony Stark design in a completely different storyline.


There when faced with the terrorist Mallen (who was cinematized through Iron Man 3), Tony Stark was forced to inject the virus. Extremis into the body to save his own life. But unlike the movies, Extremis works in a completely different way. There it will kill the majority of infections while genetically modifying the rest to give them powers far beyond ordinary humans. Luckily for Tony Stark, he wields a modified version of Extremis, allowing himself not only to escape death, but also to take on a whole new set of powers.


However, when he decided to remove this virus from his body, Tony discovered a change that he did not expect. There, while the virus was still infecting, all of Tony ddax’s genomes were mutated and spawned a whole new bloodline system in the body. When Extremis is eliminated, this system still exists and there is no way to remove it. It was almost a scar inside Tony’s body that he would live with for the rest of his life.

But the difficult reveals the wisdom. Taking advantage of this system and the idea from the Extremis virus, Tony Stark created a completely new armor formed by Nano technology called Bleeding Edge. The vascular system, which was previously created by the virus, has now become an intermediary pathway in the delivery of Nano to the whole body.


That’s why Iron Man with the Bleeding Edge armor can deploy almost immediately. When receiving the command, all Nano in the body will literally “flow” out and form an outer battle armor.. At the same time, Tony’s brain is also enhanced by Extremis, allowing god. Experience incredible speed and control the Nano with great ease.


Infinity War partially based on this design while also focusing on Nano technology and instant activation. However, instead of being implanted deep inside the body and operating independently, the Mark 50 in the film is only stored in the arc reactor on Tony’s chest. This is probably aimed at maintaining a more “human” image of Iron Man than the more mechanical version of the story.

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