How to hide Free Fire MAX player names

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In the world of gamers, nicknames or character names are always a highlight, expressing their own personality. Hiding is one of the latest “trends” used by many gamers in Free Fire MAX. To keep up with this impressive trend, let’s find out how to hide Free Fire MAX player names below.

Free Fire MAX is one of the top titles in the battle royale genre with over 10 million downloads on the Google Play store and many positive reviews. The following article will guide you how to hide player names, help gamers own a cool and quality hidden nickname, affirm personality and level in the game Free Fire Max.

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Instructions to hide names in Free Fire Max

How to hide Free Fire MAX player names

1. Instructions for using Unicode 3164 to name “stealth” Free Fire MAX

Similar to Free Fire, to hide the name in Free Fire MAX, players need to have a renaming card in the game and use the real Unicode 3164 very simple player according to the following instructions:

Step 1: Access reputable websites that support the U+3164 character.
Step 2: Copy up to six or seven characters from the web page and paste them into notepad.

Antenna for players in free fire max

Step 3: The player can then access the page with Unicode characters for the braille pattern by clicking the link
Step 4: Create any name by arranging five or six characters from notepad on top of each other.
Step 5: Copy the generated name and paste it into the game when using the rename tag.
Step 6: Click the button Confirm to change the name. The new “stealth” nickname will take effect after a few seconds. With this technique of hiding names, friends and teammates will surely be surprised to see your new name.

2. Instructions for using the renaming card in the game Free Fire MAX

With the renaming card item, the player can rename Free Fire Max at any time by going to the store and buying the rename card for 390 diamonds. The following is a guide to using the Free Fire MAX renaming card:

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Step 1: Open the game Free Fire MAX on your device.
Step 2: Buy a rename card in the shop, if you already have a rename card, go to the inventory to use this item.
Step 3: Touch the item to start changing the character’s name.
Step 4: Players can change to any nick name or hide the name according to the instructions above.
Step 5: Click the button Confirm to complete the character renaming.

Note: Since renaming cards are quite expensive, players need to think carefully and take steps carefully before renaming their characters. Renamed cards can be reused after 24 hours and cannot be named with another player’s name.
Through the above article, has introduced to gamers how to hide player name Free Fire MAX for quality and cool. Wishing you success!

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