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Have you ever wondered if connecting a Nintendo Switch to a TV is something too complicated or not? How a console from handheld handheld only “Steamed a pear” transform into console “God” so? Revealing the story below will both guide you to connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV the easiest way and reveal the little-known secret about the Nintendo Switch!

Connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV

If you are interested in learning how to connect Nitnendo Switch to TV, scroll down to the bottom of the tutorial!

So what is “divine” in the Nintendo Switch Dock?

Story “Transfiguration” Actually, if you dig deep into the hardware engineering of the Nintendo Switch, you will find this is nothing new at all. It is simply the feature to output HDMI images from the USB-C port that Samsung Galaxy or Note phones have made for a long time. But different from the way of introducing, the way shown to the user.

The Nintendo Switch Dock is just … Adapter that converts from USB-C to HDMI

When transforming from a Console to Handheld game console, you plug the game console into the Dock and the Dock will output the image to the large TV screen via the HDMI port instead of the built-in 6 ” 2 inch screen on the body. The design of the Dock looks “pit” to create a console feel and look the best when displaying the living room.

Inside the Nintendo Switch dock

The inside of the Dock is actually quite as simple as other USB-C – HDMI adapter adapters

The output USB ports also charge the charging port for accessories such as the Pro Controller. So it won’t be surprising when you see the Nitnendo Switch’s HDMI output also compatible with external accessories for phones or Macbook.

The dream of a cheap Nintendo Switch without a Dock is shattered

If you’ve ever expected a Nintendo Switch to be as cheap as some rumors say that it only plays handheld without a TV and does not include a Dock because it reduces the Dock cost, forget it. The dream of that cheap Nintendo Switch is not true because the ability to export via USB-C is the default feature and does not cost any extra. Whether or not Nintendo allows the Nintendo Switch to output video, it’s the same price tag.

Is the cheap Nintendo Switch real?

And the Dock? Try it, the selling price of 3rd party USB-C to HDMI converter kit is 450,000 VND. And how much do you think it costs Nintendo to mass produce a million of them. Definitely not up to 10 $ okay. In conclusion, remove features “Transfiguration” God, the price of the device will be cheaper in the … 10 $.

Ultimately the Nintendo Switch’s morphing abilities are just … a way of overblowning?

Connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV properly is quite simple. But not so that Nintendo did not spend a bit thinking about it. The core problem of this game console is how to connect to a TV while making sure all game features work as well as in handheld mode. Wii U failed by failure “Foolish” when playing on TV and playing on the controller screen asynchronously.

Wii U failed

Nintendo’s engineers solved the problem through Joycon – the most innovative controller of all time, based on the Wii’s scattering platform but beyond technology. (See more Joycon – The ultimate weapon of the Nintendo Switch).

At the same time, Nintendo sets out extremely strict rules for game developers: Any game when ported must ensure Joy-con and Pro Controller compatibility. Both well support playing on the screen handheld mode, playing on TV and playing Tablet mode. Just one incompatible mode, the game will be put into “inspection ring” to see if it really is impossible to set up all three modes.

Most popular game machine 2019

From there, you see – Nintendo Switch is magically compatible with all controllers and all game modes: Handheld – Tablet – Console. Games on this platform meet a near 99% compatibility standard. To do that, requires a lot of things that not everyone can do.

Nintendo Switch – The most desirable technology product of 2018 and 2019 to come

Sales of Nintendo Switch game machines are on the rise and are the most desirable technology products in the past year. Even 2019 coming to the side, the machine still has no sign “cool”.

inside Nitnendo Switch machine technology

If simply connecting the Nintendo Switch to a TV – Gaming, perhaps the company’s technical team will never get at all. “rain” praise. Nintendo has turned simplicity into greatness, the pinnacle of creativity is here and there! And you, are you ready to pick up a baby for Christmas?

Instructions for connecting Nintendo Switch to TV

For those who just bought the device will think: “There must be something complicated too!”. But in fact, Nintendo has simplified as much as possible so that anyone can snap a split finger and transform. You can refer to the steps below:

  1. Open the Dock’s rear coverInstructions for connecting Nintendo switch to TV

  2. Plug the HDMI port and power cord into the Nintendo SwitchPlug the HDMI and power into the Switch

  3. Plug the HDMI port into the TV, the power cord into an outlet, and place the Switch in the DockPlug the HDMI into the TV and power it into an electrical outlet

So, with only 3 easy steps, you are successfully set up connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV ok!

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