3 common Nintendo Switch errors & Tips to help you use the most durable machine

You bought a Nintendo Switch for 6 months or more and realized it’s starting to have some signs “age” discomfort occurs. Playing games or being moved by the character, Joy-con often slips off the camera body even if you don’t press and detach, SL SR can’t click, so it is impossible to separate the 2 Joy-con to play 2 people …

Buy a damaged Nintendo Switch

The reason is where? Is Nintendo making poor quality? Or do “of enduring in people”? Whatever it is, also has its downside. Today let’s learn about these nShop together “sick” The most common occurrence of Nintendo Switch machines and ways to limit this error!

1 / Nintendo Switch analog drifting – Super common error!

The most inhibitory is the analog drift, this error causes the character in your game to move on its own. If it is mild then “try hard” still playable, but it is heavy then you can not even go to the game menu, let alone play!

How to fix Joycon's drifting Nintendo Switch

Cause of the Nintendo Switch Analog drifting

The design of the Nintendo Switch analog is too fragile. So is it Nintendo? Not really! Someone spend up to now for a whole year never unharmed. So it’s okay to blame Nintendo “a little bit” but only so bad for the company.

  • Due to Nintendo 40%
  • By users 60%

How to limit Joy-con’s analog drifting error

Play games, calm down, don’t be too aggressive, leading to Switch’s analog stick reaping like arcade game machine ^^ Usually if you play games that are easy to cause inhibition like Super Smash Bros Ultimate – You should invest more Pro Controller Will be easy “Tan” each other, but also less wear and tear.

How to fix Joycon analog drift

Shop has a detailed article on how to fix it “temporary” as well as a thorough fix. You can see For more details.

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2 / Joy-con cannot press SL SR to separate 2 players

There is an interesting thing about this error is that many people buy a Nintendo Switch all year, playing in Handheld mode. Then one beautiful day, highly inspired you to play the same game, then get 2 Joy-con out. Follow the instructions, press SL – SR to split the handle. All day, we only receive right side, the other side do “Ostrich types” still do not accept. The key is that Joy-con controller has broken SL – SR button, although you deny this unreasonable cause because … never used it ever but failed?

SL SR Joy-con Nintendo Switch

The design of the connection wire is a bit fragile and folds when inserted, so the SL SR circuit is prone to damage

Cause Joy-con does not receive SL SR

  • By Nintendo: 20%
  • Due to your import (accommodation): 80%

Speaking of which, 80% of you probably took their Joycon to test if it was “delirious “ No, the remaining 20% ​​will check their accommodation ^^ Actually it’s just a fun way to talk, this disease really is “bad luck”. Dig deeper into the technique, due to the design of Joy-con SR SR button, the circuit is quite fragile, and especially the Joy-con on the right due to too many internal components. (More than Joycon on the left) such as IR Camera, NFC chip … so the fold of this circuit is clamped more tightly than the other, resulting in easy damage

How to limit the error of the SL SR button of the Joycon Nintendo Switch

Because the problem lies in “bad luck” So you don’t need to worry too much about this disease. “God calls for everyone.” stop it.

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How to fix the SR SR error of Joycon not receiving the button

There is only one way that you bring out the nShop to replace the SL SR circuit. However, this error usually does not matter much when playing alone. So if you do not have the need to play 2 people, separate the Joy-con and want to save money, it is okay to skip and not fix it.

3 / Joy-con often slips off the camera body

Your Nintendo Switch is in a very loose Joy-con handheld mode, often slipping off the camera body even though you don’t press the rear button to remove. This error usually occurs for those who buy Nintendo Switch over 6 months – 1 year.

Joycon broke

Cause of Joycon slip from Switch error

The cause of this error is when you remove the Joy-con from the camera body, you do not press the rear button but just forcefully pull the Joy-con out of the Nintendo Switch. (Or click but not close – the rest use the force to pull out is the main thing). For a long time, Joy-con’s trawls were worn / broken and could no longer be held with the camera body.

How to limit Joy-con snapping

The only way to limit this error is the impact of the user. Every time you remove the Joycon you need to be more careful, press the button close and then remove.

How to fix a damaged / broken Joy-con

Only the simplest and fastest way is to replace the trigger and the situation will return to the same condition. At nShop when you replace Joycon lever will be replaced with metal => Minimize the break later.

Tip for you – It’s like spending a year like buying a Nintendo Switch for a week

Why do people buy a Nintendo Switch for 1 year is not good, I just bought it for a week, almost a ball. Due to the usage, there are people “Raise like an egg, like a flower” Get something bad. But buying a Nintendo Switch is to use it, not to display it. Well, the 5 tips below, if you are interested in preserving the device, try to read it all to see what can be done!

  1. To limit the analogue drifting Joy-con should play the game calmly, limit playing punching games like Street Fighter that reap like electronic buckets. If you are passionate about the genre “atrophy” analog as FPS (Splatoon 2), Fighting (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) then invest one Hand Pro Controller It is never a waste of money.
  2. Take off the Joy-con handle as carefully as possible, do it slowly – press the button close and then remove.
  3. Used for the most durable battery .
  4. Screen pasting is necessary 100% to avoid scratches – break and paste (You can save money with non-strength stickers, as long as you have it attached – after 6 months to 1 year you can remove it. “get high”)
  5. Take the device out, remember to put it in Nintendo Switch holder to avoid unfortunate collisions that lead to screen failure – analog pressure drifts away
  6. Use over 2 years need cleaning the Nintendo Switch to ensure the best performance of the machine.

The Nintendo Switch is broken

Finally, if you buy a Nintendo Switch at nShop, don’t worry too much if there is any damage. All Nintendo Switch faults from A – Z under warranty period are free of charge replacement. After the warranty period, you will be supported with a 30% discount on the repair cost!

Repairing game consoles Nintendo, Sony Playstation

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