What year will the PS4 fat machine be in production and is the life going to end yet?

Some of you usually inbox “private” Ask shop what year the PS4 fat machine was produced and will the lineup be coming to an end? – “People have been up to PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro and now even asking about PS4 Fat is a bit shy.” Actually, the need and the ability will be used to it wherever, there is nothing to be afraid of.

When was the ps4 fat machine made?

What year was the PS4 fat machine made – the question of many newcomers …

Currently, sometimes people still ask the shop about the PS2 and PS3, passion is never “old-fashioned” both. If what you want to know without asking, the time to buy is not right or bored, quickly outdated, compared to wanting to waste more money!

When was PS4 fat produced?

When you search for information on what year the PS4 fat device was produced, it will be difficult to find an answer because the PS4 Fat name actually does not come from Sony but from the gamer himself. As in the article “Compare the power consumption of the three models of PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro”, nShop is the definition of what PS4 Fat is – the PS4 Fat line is the name given by gamers based on the size of the original Playstation 4 console compared to Sony’s latest generation of PS4, the PS4 Slim. In fact, PS4 Fat means PS4 life CHU-1000, CHU-1100 and CHU-1200.

difference between ps4 fat 1000 and 1200

So when you search for the PS4 Fat produced in the year, it will not be available, but need to find the specific line of PS4 CHU-1000, CHU-1100 and CHU-1200 released in the year. In order, the first PS4 Fat was released on November 15, 2013 in the US. Following that, respectively the 1100 and 1200 released in the following years until the PS4 Slim 2000 released in 2016. Thus, up to the present time, PS4 Fat has 5 and a half years of life.

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So should buy PS4 Fat at this time? Afraid it will be obsolete when the PS5 comes out!

The correct answer for you is not to buy, but the reason is not that it will be outdated when PS5 launched but because of the complicated hardware element of the original PS4 Fat, there are many errors that are easily damaged (It is understandable that the PS4 Fat machine was produced in what year, now it has been more than 6 years “plow” in your turn it will be very crushed) difficult for you check when buying old machine. If you buy an old PS4, you should choose an old PS4 Slim or an old PS4 Pro with the most reasonable price possible because these two lines are quite well done – less damaged.

Compare ps4 fat 1000 and ps4 slim 2000

On the left is PS4 Slim 2000 and on the right is PS4 Fat 1000

Also, if you choose to buy a new one, you only have the option new PS4 Slim machine only because Sony also stopped selling the PS4 Fat line. If a store introduces you that they have a 100% new PS4 Fat, do not believe it because you also know what year the PS4 Fat machine is produced, why it is still available for a 100% new device.

And the reason for fear of obsolescence when PS5 launches, you should not worry because simply your budget is only enough for the old PS4 Fat – old PS4 Slim, if the PS5 is released, the price is also over 20 million, too far away. to your ability. While the PS4 line is still running in the coming stages with many good games to be supported for at least the next 3 years, worry.

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Genuine PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim game consoles

Hopefully this article will help you in the process of choosing a PS4 that is right for you. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to inbox fanpage or ask questions below the comment!

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