Summary of gaming keyboard shortcuts for Blade & Soul

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Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), officially Closed Beta by Garena on August 18. Similar to the games League of Legends, Audition, Zing Speed Blade & Soul also has its own keyboard shortcuts, helping players to manipulate more quickly. Please follow the article below:

Blade & Soul

Keyboard shortcut system to control game Blade & Soul

The key moves in Blade & Soul

  • W (Up): Moving forward.
  • S (Down): Back.
  • A: Move left.
  • D: Move right.
  • Left: Turn left.
  • Right: Turn right.
  • Space: Dance.
  • /: Change to Walk or Run.
  • Num Lock: Run automatically.

In addition, players can also perform the gestures as follows:

  • Run fast: Press W 2 times or press Shift and keep W.
  • Sliding: Press Space while falling, aim to move in the air or fall from above without losing blood.
  • Glide on water: Press W 2 times or press Shift and keep W While on water, the character will walk on the water instead of swimming.
  • Windsurfing: Press W 2 times or press Shift and keep W While in midair, the character will move much faster than in Lide.
  • Obstacle: While running fast, press Space to jump over obstacles on the way.
  • Climbwall: Press W 2 times or press Shift and keep W, the character will climb vertical terrains such as house walls, trees, and cliffs at a fast speed.

Skill keys in Blade & Soul

  • Space: Combination skill box.
  • Tab: The skill box is next to it.
  • first: Skill box 1.
  • 2: Skill box 2.
  • 3: Skill box 3.
  • 4: Skill box 4.
  • Z: Skill box 5.
  • X: Skill box 6.
  • C: Skill box 7.
  • V: Skill box 8.
  • Q: Jump left.
  • E: Jump right.
  • 5: Item box 1.
  • 6: Item box 2.
  • 7: Item box 3.
  • 8: Item box 4.
  • Ctrl + R: Change item.
  • .: Special skill box.

Note: Skills change as the character moves from one state to another.

Function keys in Blade & Soul

  • F1: Bulletin board of outstanding in-game events.
  • F2: Wardrobe.
  • F3: Hong Mon Gym.
  • F4: Add friend.
  • F5: Market Lien Server.
  • F6: Quick mailbox opening.
  • F7: Find the team.
  • F8: Team waiting room.
  • F9: Shop.
  • F10: Ranking.
  • P: Equipped item.
  • I: Bag.
  • Ctrl + B: Managing Souls.
  • Ctrl + I: Equipment chart.
  • J: Mission board.
  • K: Skills table.
  • L: Collect and craft.
  • H: Guild.
  • U: Achievement.
  • Ctrl + T: Group.
  • Ctrl + V: Combat parameters.
  • Ctrl + P: Contact GM.
  • O: Option.

These shortcuts will help you control the Blade & Soul game more conveniently and quickly. The shortcut system is divided into 3 separate parts for you to easily follow.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

Updated: August 12, 2017

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