7 tips for survival in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from the producer

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Having sold over 2 million copies in just a few months of release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Currently one of the hottest games right now. In the game you will be faced with 99 other players in the Battle Royale setting, where you have to use your wits and skills to survive and destroy other players and the ultimate goal is to become to be the last survivor.

The concept of the game seems very simple, but to be the last person to receive the message of “winner winner, chicken dinner” is not easy. The following article will share you with 7 helpful tips to survive and win this survival battle from the game’s producer, Brendan Greene.

1. Avoid other players when starting out

Creative director Brendan Greene, also a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player, advises you to “stay away from other players as much as possible” at the start of the game to avoid getting caught early. This also gives you more time to get the essentials of the game.

Avoid other players when starting out

Many people parachute into areas with lots of buildings in the beginning because nearly all the loot in the game is inside the buildings. After all, more buildings mean higher chances of running up to the best gear like high-end rifles, binoculars, backpacks and armor.

But other players may also know that the best gear will be found in densely built areas, so if multiple people gather at the same location you have less chance of survival. , especially when starting to play without being equipped with many weapons and combat experience. Better yet, you should parachute onto a part of the map with a less dense building. Although there aren’t many of the best accessories and weapons, at least you survive and you can better pick up items when moving to another building cluster.

2. Besides weapons, look for other equipment

Besides weapons, look for other equipment

Greene says you need to look for armor, helmets, and backpacks early on as soon as you join the game to make your character “stronger.” Helmets help you survive being shot in the head, while the armor protects the chest and increases transport, they are all divided into three levels, the higher the level, the better the protection.

3. Wise strategy

Be wise in choosing the battle, the goal is to survive, not kill them all. If you see other players from a distance, don’t start shooting right away unless you are confident with your aiming ability. If you miss the shot, you not only reveal your location, but also inadvertently invite other players in the vicinity to approach you.

Wise strategy

Chasing others for a better shot is also not a good idea. Chasing targets distracts your focus, take control of your stealth, and your safety of finding the players you’ve seen, which could put you at a disadvantage. For example, you could be led running through an open area with no hiding place, which is not a good method, especially when 100 players want to kill whatever moves.

4. Don’t run into the center of the white circle right away

Don't run into the center of the white circle right away

For those who are starting to play and are not familiar with the game, it should be noted:

  • There is a white circle and a blue circle on the map.
  • The area inside the white and blue circle is safe.
  • You will lose health and even die if you stay outside the blue circle.
  • The blue circle narrows quickly and the white circle shrinks every 3 minutes.
  • You can stay outside the white circle as long as you are inside the blue circle.

This depends on where you parachute into the white circle map area. If you land outside the white circle, your best bet is to occupy its inner circumference. That way, you can spot and pick out players running towards the center of the circle. Just be sure to notice the blue circle and move towards the center accordingly. You don’t want to be caught out of the blue and white circle, so if so you will slowly lose your health and eventually die!

If you land near the middle of the circle, you can also rob buildings, hide and wait until other players come to you. Some might call it “camping”, which is often disapproved of playing in the gaming community, but it’s a good way to survive and is completely acceptable in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

5. Pick up on the way

Stealing things on the way

Worth the risk to plunder buildings along your stressful journey to the center of your white circle. You never know what equipment you find that would give you an advantage. Searching for rifles and adding armor can make the difference between life and death with just a few players left. You have 35 spare parts for weapons, so can’t be ignored when the opportunity to make your weapon stronger. Just be wary of other players who may be “camping” inside the building the way you do.

6. Find the location online for the best equipment

Find locations online to find the best equipment

Manufacturer Greene doesn’t reveal exactly where the best gear is on the map, but did mention that there are tons of online maps showing locations that give you plenty of opportunities to pick up the best.

7. Be patient

It’s easy to be “inflated” by the pressure inside the blue and white lines, get the best equipment and fight other players while playing “PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds”. Being awake and calm is the best strategy for survival.

Bonus tip: Wear headphones

The directional sounds in PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds can easily make the difference between life and death. Meaning you can hear other players’ footsteps or vehicle sounds and determine where the sound is coming from. Therefore, it is best to wear headphones to capture the smallest sound. Use whatever headphones you have.

So, with 7 useful tips from this producer, you will have more experience to become the last survivor in the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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